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Link - Breath of the Wild

My sprite interpretation of Link from Breath of the Wild. Criticism appreciated! :) Character belongs to Nintendo.
If you'd like to follow me for more exclusive work, WIP's, tutorials and more - check out my twitter here:
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Hi, would you please draw more Zelda sprites from BOTW like this one? I need some for a game that I am working on since I am unable to afford a Nintendo Switch. :( Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon

The least I can do to get as close as possible to playing this incredible looking game is to experiment a 2D Zelda BOTW using Clickteam Fusion or similar software. :D :thumbsup:

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This is amazing.
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Well done. But I have to point out that the buckler forearm guard is only on the sword arm. I think I can see in on the shield arm as well. Just my 2 cents.
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This is a nice looking sprite here with a smooth idling animation.
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The animation is super fluid !!!
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Man, how I love this kind of things, especially when done sooooooooooooo good! <3
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Damnnnnnn thats awesome!
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Scratching the floor??? Be careful not to cut yourself, Link!
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Wow! I can just imagine as a 8 bit style game
Just beautiful
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That is just beautiful, nicely done.
good job you should keep on making more!
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What a splendid piece done here^^ Hope you'll consider makin' some more animations!
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Hey there. I have been making a Zelda game called "End of Magic" which you can find on Game Jolt. If you're interested, I would love to use your work for an alternate costume in the game. I don't need that many different animations.
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this seems like for a Breath of the wild RPG
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This is really cool. I could definitely see this in a Smash bros fan game are whatever.
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how does one art
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