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November 9, 2014
CrossCode - Crab Boss by T-Free is a fantastically designed, coloured and animated sprite.
Featured by Lyricanna
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CrossCode - Crab Boss

This is the Crab Boss Idle Animation for the game "CrossCode" by RadicalFishGames.
Concept and animation by ~Lachsen and me.

Are you curious about what's inside the container? You might find out in a while.

We have just released the Demo, play it here:

If you want to stay up to date on our project, visit our blog!
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emocx's avatar
No wonder a DD! Congrats! +fav Fella's LOVE 
Hexidextrous's avatar

Attack it's Weak Point for massive damage!
theguyintheworks's avatar
You'll never catch me, crab! Not when I kick into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! HI-YA!!
SergeantSlime's avatar
Well if it isn't Cargo Crab. The memories of the Gamejolt demo and this thing are a-plenty.
DerZocker's avatar
und ich hab das Ding auffer Gamescom plattgemacht :) Voll den Schwachpunkt angegriffen, Hat massiven Schaden gemacht xD
touzimsky's avatar
Reminds me of the old Core Design games on the Amiga - very cool!
Ponentguy's avatar
I wanna fight it! I wanna fight it! I wanna fight it!
gunswordfist's avatar
ClefairyKid's avatar
so rad! congrats!
ariktaranis's avatar
Nemogiri's avatar
I love that boss! :D
PatternSeeker86's avatar
Well done. Thanks for sharing. 
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

JNRedmon's avatar
I don't even know what to say about this. It's absolutely amazing.
Catcoalatte's avatar
That just looks friggen badass! Whoa!
danteks's avatar
wow wow el detalle es increíble: la:

¿cuánto tiempo se necesita para hacer una animación como eso: el trabajo:
Manueljlin's avatar
Perdon por responder a un comentario tan antiguo, pero crosscode es la leche. Estos spriters son impresionantes.
Foxman691's avatar
I'm not one for these kind of games, but I can't wait until this is released. Techdemo was a ton of fun. 
AmericanGirlHope's avatar
GnomGames's avatar
Nice game. Played with pleasure. 
Jeff--Woods's avatar
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GrandMetroViper's avatar
Very lively animation. I'm such a geek for sprite based animated things.
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