The mysterious Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl

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Today I went to the Belvedere museum in Vienna, Austria.
I saw some great paintings mostlly by Gustav Klimt (yes, I saw "the kiss". Goosebumps all over my body) and Egon Schiele.
Thought, the painting that got my attention the most was one by an artist that didn't hear before. The painting was Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl's "The souls of Archeron" (river), feauturing the Hermes god. This painting was extremely amazing in my eyes (especially the souls of the dead, married couple which is in the foreground, on the right corner, as you can see in the pictures below). I got obsessed about it and went to the museum shop to buy a book or a poster with that painting. The thing is that in the museum they only got this painting on a postcard. "I'll google about him" I thought right away. I purchase the postcard and leave the museum.
After hours of search on the net (nearly 5 hours) I found out poor-info about the painter and the painting. I didn't even found a biografy of the painter in English. There are only 2 books with some of his works (some sketches of him) and these books were published back in 1980's (Hirschl died in 1933).
So here are all the info I got on him. If you find anything else about him or his works, don't forget to mention it to me. I got a shot of the painting with my mobile and also I got a shot of the postcard (dont have scanner here in Vienna).
Enjoy the work of the mysterious Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl:

Photo of him:
adolf Hiremy-Hirschl

"The souls of Archeron" painting
(as I found it on the net):
the souls of Archeron_Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl_1

(as I took a shot of it with my mobile):
the souls of Archeron_Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl_2

(as I took a photo of the postcard I bought):
the souls of Archeron_Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl_3

All the other works that I found on the net. Nothing more:
adolf hiremy-hirschl works art

Oh, and here is his biography in a language I don' understand (probably italian):

Adolf Hirémy Hirschl
(Temesvár 1860 - Roma 1933)

Trascorre la gioventù e la prima maturità a Vienna, dove frequenta l'Accademia di Belle Arti sotto la guida di August Eisenmenger e di Leopold Karl Müller. Grazie alla vittoria del "Rompreis" ottenuta con il dipinto L'entrata dei Goti a Roma, dal 1882 al 1884 soggiorna a Roma prendendo studio nella torre di Palazzo Venezia, sede dell'Ambasciata austriaca presso la Santa Sede. Nel 1884 dipinge La peste a Roma.

Tornato a Vienna, nel 1891 ottiene il "Kaiserpreis", allora al suo secondo anno di vita (nel 1890 era stato assegnato a Klimt) per il Corteo nuziale nell'antica Roma. In occasione della grande mostra allestita per il cinquantenario del regno di Francesco Giuseppe nel 1898, il "Künstlerhaus" premia nuovamente il pittore per il quadro Le anime dell'Acheronte. Nel 1898 decide di trasferirsi definitivamente a Roma, dove nel 1904, gli viene dedicata una grande retrospettiva. Nel 1913 diviene accademico di San Luca, e dal 1913 al 1915 è presidente del Deutscher Künstlerverein in Roma. Nel 1914-18 opera come pittore di guerra nei porti austriaci di Trieste a Cattaro. Amico di Max Roeder e di Federico Hermanin, è anche acquafortista e membro del Gruppo Romano Incisori Artisti.

Nella produzione di Hirémy Hirschl, accanto alla tematica storica e monumentale se ne delinea un'altra incentrata sulla sua predilezione per il mare o comunque per il mondo delle acque, interpretata in chiave mitologica e fortemente ispirata ad Arnold Böcklin. Ricordiamo a tal proposito Prometeo (1892) raffigurato mentre viene consolato dalle Ondine, Fantasia marina (1894) con il poeta moderno sdraiato su uno scoglio, ispirato o tentato da sirene mormoranti, Venere (1893), e infine Cimitero sul mare (1912) e Frangenti, suggestive rappresentazioni della natura senza presenza umana. Dagli ultimi anni del secolo in poi incontriamo, come soggetti dei suoi quadri, puri stati d'animo come Solitudine, Attesa, Ore tristi e i diversi momenti del sogno.

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this journal entry is pretty old, but I found it through google images. I've seen the painting "The souls of Acheron" for the first time a couple of minutes ago and I'm astonished; it's a great picture. I also find very interesting how Hermes can be consider a psychopomp god, as well as the god of merchants; I guess they were different gods with different myths that got mixed up later.
Thanks for sharing this pictures :love:
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You are welcome!
Here a GoogleTranslation of the Italien bit of the main text:

He spent his youth and early adulthood in Vienna, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance by August Eisenmenger and Leopold Karl Müller. With the victory "Rompreis" obtained with the painting The Entry of the Goths in Rome, from 1882 to 1884 study stays in Rome, taking in the tower of the Palazzo Venezia, the Austrian Embassy to the Holy See. In 1884 he painted The plague in Rome.

Back in Vienna, in 1891 gets the "Kaiserpreis", then in its second year of life (in 1890 he was assigned to Klimt) for the wedding procession in ancient Rome. On the occasion of the major exhibition for the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of Franz Joseph in 1898, the "Künstlerhaus" rewards the artist for the painting back the souls of the Acheron. In 1898 he moved to Rome, where in 1904 a major retrospective was devoted to him. In 1913 St. Luke becomes academic, and from 1913 to 1915 was President of the Deutscher Künstlerverein in Rome. In 1914-18 work as a painter of Austrian war in the ports of Trieste in Kotor. Friend of Max Roeder and Frederick Hermanin, etcher, and is also a member of the Roman Engravers Artists.

In the production of Hirémy Hirschl, next to the historic and monumental theme he outlined his preference for another focused on the sea or other waters of the world, interpreted in a highly inspired by mythological and Arnold Böcklin. We recall in this regard Prometheus (1892) and is represented by the Consulate Ondine, Marine Fantasia (1894) with the modern poet lying on a rock, inspired or tempted by sirens whispering, Venus (1893), and finally the sea Cemetery (1912); breakers, striking representations of nature without human presence. Since the last years of the century onwards we find, as subjects of his paintings, pure emotion, such as loneliness, Waiting, hours and other sad moments of the dream.
Hi, saw the same painting @belvedere in Wien. Very strange and extraordinary. Saw this website with an other painting of Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl. [link]

Thanks for the nice blog!
I was in Vienna on 2004. I saw the Acheron and I was left speechless. I forgot to note the name of the artist so I called the belvedere curator and she told me the name Hirschl, and the title.
It is now after 6 years that I find the painting on-line. It never turned up in past searches.

check out his best painting.
Seaside Semetery.
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I agree. I saw Seaside Cemetery a few days ago at a museum and I am now writing a paper on it... Amazing painting...
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italika einai pulaki mu h glwssa pou den katalavaineis
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italika??? ts ts ts... H italia mas pairnei ta kalitera paidia... lol :P
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Poly dynato ergo! Ola ta ypoloipa omws me poly botticcelli-kes epirroes kai etsi yparxei elleipsh prwtotypias...katalavainw giati den einai diashmos!
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an prolabaineis des OPOSDIPOTE kana mouseio pou na xei Egon Schielle (mathitis tou Klimt, kai kata ti gnomi mou pio endiaferon)
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HEY!!! thanx a bunch!!!:tears: me to pou eida to journal autos mou irthe sto mialo kai den mporousa me tipota na thimithw to onoma tou
!!:heart: exei kai autos kati fovera skitsa se kafe xarti me mauro kai aspro...:star:

pwpw pragmatika efige ena varos apo to mialo mou, vre paidi mou na min ton thimamai me tipota...kai einai kai apo tous agapimenous mou...:no:
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yep se niotho.....
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eida erga tou, alla tha parameino stin latreia mou gia ton klimt! :D
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xmmm.....kala okey.Pados na xereis pote den einai arga
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para3enoi oi pinakes tou!!
mou ekane poli entipwsi, kai ta skitsa einai paara poli wraia...!!pragmatika giauta ta skitsa se kafe xarti me mauro kai aspro dinw kai tin zwi tou shyborg,,,(ok sorry parapira tharros..)

thanx pou to moirastikes!!:star:
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an tixei pados pote na pas austria, na pas na deis ton pinaka tou sto belvedere mouseio... einai sigklonistikos! :D
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:star:to fantazomai,,, alla den paizei na paw pote austria, misw tous austriakous,,,!! apla mou exoun kanei polla kontepsan na mou katastrepspoun ti zwi,,,! ntoiiiin alla einai alitheia~
krima kai paizei na einai fantastiki xwra,,

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Kalopernas koufala... Zileuw gamoti mou. Thanks gia tis wraies fotos ton ergwn. :)
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giauta ta sxedia se kafe karti me mauro kai aspro xroma,dino k ti zoi mou!!!
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kai ego dino tin diki sou zoi (opos eipe kai enas allos sta comments tou journal) lol
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mono diksta mou ligo..prin me thisiasis...plz!
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ok, you 'll get a glimpse of them and then you ll die... :D
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oo..thanks...eisai "ksigas"
tha sto xrostao se kapia alli zoi!
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