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Hammer of the Emperor

By t-cezar
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Another Guardsman Charge!

Warhammer 40k

tony cezar.
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For me the Imperial Guard > Space Marines.  Don't get me wrong I love the Space Marines but I just find the Imperial Guard to be way more fun and interesting.
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indeed, true mortals fighting against 'semi gods's, they really inspire me
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I read on reddit about a story I wish I had: and Imperial Fists librarian is talking with a guardsman, guardsman goes on to talk about how the marines are brave and all, and the librarian says, “no, I’m not brave. I am 300 years old, wear armor like a Leman Russ, and we go into battle knowing we will come back in damaged. But you, you’re a mere human, yet you fight the same enemies in the name of the emperor, and that is true bravery.” That’s a paraphrase, but thats the gist of what he’s saying. And it’s true. It doesn’t matter how good your gear is. Those men and women are putting their lives on the line so that loved ones don’t to. They know what they’re facing, how the odds are stacked against them, yet they fight, knowing that their loved one’s can sleep at night without the fear of death. This same mentality is why I respect all servicemen of all countries. Sure, there are some bad apples, but the majority are serving to protect their families and friends. That is true courage. ;)

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yess, agreed 100%. The IG are the best, real flesh gods
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Dat faces... Just epic. True wahamma flow out of my monitor through the desktop.
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yeah man, in five seconds later, lot of blood would flow too!
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WE CANT HOLD EM! (every  war hammer 40k soulstorm game eva)
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Imperial guardsman problems
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for the emperor!
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Excellent art. Thank-you.
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I'm glad you like it, thanks
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Holy shit, the action in this piece is intense! And their expressions, they are amazingly pissed. And that background. Reminds me of the new Codex. Lots of dakka and action.

I also like the fact that I can't tell if the Commissar is aiming at the enemy or a Guardsman.
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Never trust Comissars! thanks brother
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Imperial Guard.

They did all the job while the Astartes steals all the glory.
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great very cool!
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I'm glad you liked
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Amazing sweeping, epic work!
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Glad that you like it!
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I preffer the Tau but this is awesome
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