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was is this
it would be a silence
a crackling perturbed scowl
an exhaust fume trickle of
laughter you choke on
get high on wish you could
die on that sends you
reeling round and flicker round
like the end of a master reel
you feel the movie has ended tell
me is life on a little screen
i recite my dreams pull them
one by one like ants still
squirming and angry from my
mouth my deep throat mornings
my cacophonous yawning that
no one no not one of all the
strangers in my life can hear
writing your name on a drain pipe
late last night in the dark light
of an overhang i thought it was
funny it was in silver ink and i
wrote love is tragic and i want
to know is this the essence of
fear because it is so confusing
when it is cold and i am not
:iconsaturnineguise:saturnineguise 5 4
Kind Unreality
My velveteen void,
so comfortable, so comforting.
It cradles and keeps me
safe from the jarring, jabbing lurch
of nervousness,
the dull, achy throb of an unconcious frown,
the burst of sharp sweetness and violently bubbling joy.
I sit and stay, here,
nestled in  my soft nothing
while my eyes grown dim.
My jaw works through conversation
to preoccupy those who might
consider removing me
from my dark comforter.
It's just so much easier
than disentangling myself
from my detatchment.
:iconnoiamnot:noiamnot 1 0
fragmentary assassins
a moment strangulates itself
on a whim i let fall daisies
out of my mouth
chaining to become the crowns
of every I O U
the wall is the floor
my head is an ocean is a
lens cap is a migratory
formation i am jugular
i am heavy lidded i
am two minutes away from
this is a becoming this
is an undoing this is an
always was
and you are every last piece
of the puzzle found
swollen with rain so it never
fits again
:iconsaturnineguise:saturnineguise 6 16
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there are about five reasons
(i'm feeling reticent recently)
i am broken - again
a fictional comfort,
a lie of a poet.
death-brush an art of
an anathema soul.
night vices; cursing
lithe living, a
romantic addict with
revelation eyes:
:iconsaturnineguise:saturnineguise 5 18
will you meet me in the spaces
between our fingers
become tiny
indivisible, but one
(and all the smaller pieces
that don't matter)
trade electrons
a hollow note
crawls up
my throat
when you
twenty minutes to dawn
(i know this because we've been here before)
in this moment, and this thing of arms and arms entwined, called embrace
this moment on soft notsosoft ground sheets
this look
it's the same
and in this moment
this moment is again
and your voices
singing as the past
ricocheting off
ceilings and walls
that do not house me
anymore, i hear you
strum afar
voices lamenting
as one.
your mother
when i
it's like
but i
i can't
what did
can you
know that
you are farther away
when i am with you
than when we are
so far apart
i do not have a traditional clock
that could tick away the night
in even tones
to focus on
when i'm trying my hardest not to be awake
i only have digitalisations left
for metaphors
:iconsaturnineguise:saturnineguise 52 91
the of my i
i wash the ink clean of my fingers.
i wash the ink clean of my fingers
i    ash                      of my  in
           the ink   lean                   s
                                    my fingers
i wash            
:iconsaturnineguise:saturnineguise 8 20



january 22 - february 6 2011
ayala Museum, Artist Space, Makati Ave/Dela Rosa Street Greenbelt Park, 1224 Makati City Philippines
Marius Black
Kris Jan Gavino
Tad Pagaduan
Averil Paras


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THOSEareMYmuffins Featured By Owner May 5, 2012   Traditional Artist
Im so glad i found your work. your pieces are so captivating
alienENOID Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I was fortunate enough to be able to view your work in the Ayala Museum during your THEM exhibit with Marius Black and the others. I adore your work!
t-a-d Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012
thank you!I was fortunate as well for your group show Acid Asylum at VOV. Pure, nutritious, eye-candy
JabLab Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
happy invitation :)


MacsimeSimon Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012   Artist
excellent work !
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Galing! \m/
Schell Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
ur strange, and therefore very unique..I LOVE it! (DON'T suppose you do prints :3)
NAN-EE Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
amazing gallery!
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