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This is quite the impressive scene! I really like that you choose a wide angle to photograph this location, now we get to see quite a lot of it. Something that I would advise you to change though is the heavy green tone in the photo. Even the blue sky now looks almost green, which makes it look very unnatural. I think that with more natural colours, this shot could be even better. There’s a lot of details in this shot, too, which I really like, and of course how it is completely overgrown. I think you did a great job on capturing this!

This critique brought to you by We Three Pirate Kings, Merry Critmas!

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very interesting and so beautiful
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Wonderful image. Love the mood created
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So much detail!! Very impressive! :clap:
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I'm glad you ilked it :)
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This is amazing.
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I have seen this all most exact setting in a hidden object game that I have played. It is beautiful well done.
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Cool! You can send me a screenshot if you find it :)
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Cheech & Chong were standing behind me while taking this picture ;)
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Did you go insane making all of that leaf texture?
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This is very similar to green house
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Taht is quite possible :iconkolyanchek: ;)
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What's the story there? Did you two travel together? It looks like you stepped into the room a little further than the other person did.
I love how yours looks like a yellowed painting!
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The location is pretty popular so we both photographed it on different occasions :)
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That is a pretty cool coincidence. Great minds, I guess, eh? Well thanks for the reply! Cheers
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Wow, this doesn't even look like a photo. It looks more like a painting. You did a good job with the camera to create such an effect. Nice work!

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