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Certificate of Adoption - Split by Szufla Certificate of Adoption - Split :iconszufla:Szufla 4 0 Certyficate of Adoption for OCs - Free Use by Szufla Certyficate of Adoption for OCs - Free Use :iconszufla:Szufla 3 0 Uriziel - Projekt / Blueprints by Szufla Uriziel - Projekt / Blueprints :iconszufla:Szufla 7 25 Szufla - Animated avatar by Szufla Szufla - Animated avatar :iconszufla:Szufla 3 16
X-F: Will you...?
It was a warm July evening in the New York Ruins.
Crystal and Chris were enjoying another sunset in their secret place on the edge of a cliff.
Placed comfortably on the handmade bench, the girl was snuggling against her lover’s shoulder while she gazed at the sea.
“So beautiful.” The girl sighed sweetly. “Remember when we came here for the first time ? The sun was just as amazing.”
“Yeah…” Chris answered lifelessly while staring at the horizon.
“It’s nice how this place hasn’t change even after all this time. It seems like yesterday we were just a pair of youngsters trying to change the world. Well me at least, you were a young-looking gray-beard.” She giggled.
Chris left no comment.
“Hello, Earth to Chris do you copy?” The girl knocked at his head few times, slowly getting annoyed by his lack of attention.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just…thinking.” He looked at her unmoved by Crystal
:iconszufla:Szufla 1 29
G.L.A. - W.I.P. - Gem - Klejnot by Szufla G.L.A. - W.I.P. - Gem - Klejnot :iconszufla:Szufla 10 36
X-F: Ungrateful Valentine
“Aaaaaaah.” A deep yawn came out of Crystal’s mouth as she walked into the cave that served as mess-hall.
“Morning.” A man’s voice startled her. It was Wolverine, who was pouring himself a cup of coffee.
“Morning.” The girl replied and walked towards the kitchen to make herself breakfast.
With a disappointed look, she gazed at all the cans and dry food that were the only thing she ate since she moved into the base.
“How long are we gonna eat this nasty stuff?” She complained.
“Sorry Darling, I forgot to buy some lobsters on my way back from the bank.” The man answered taking a sip of coffee.
“Hardy har har.” Crystal retorted sarcastically and made herself an instant noodle soup.  
She sat down one table away from Logan. Even though he gave her and Chris a place to stay, she kept her distance. It was from respect as well as from fright. Wolverine’s fighting style, combat abilities and temper w
:iconszufla:Szufla 1 31
NonaNana by Szufla NonaNana :iconszufla:Szufla 6 10 G.L.A. - Magic Ore - Magiczna Ruda by Szufla G.L.A. - Magic Ore - Magiczna Ruda :iconszufla:Szufla 6 0 G.L.A. - Daily Earning - Dzienny zarobek by Szufla G.L.A. - Daily Earning - Dzienny zarobek :iconszufla:Szufla 13 6
Gothic Live Action - Declaration - Deklaracja
Ten świat oczarował mnie Swoimi sekretami oraz magią, jednak ranił mnie będąc tak nieosiągalnym dla mych dłoni.
Marzenie, aby móc postawić stopę na ziemi, która ugościła Bezimiennego licznymi przygodami nie było możliwe. Jednak pragnienie oraz frustracja kumulowały się wewnątrz, aż wybuchły i wydały postanowienie.
Wzdłuż i wszerz, puki starczy mi sił,
szukać będę wśród rąk ludzkich i zasobów natury.
Zdolności i materiałów, które współpracując razem
zaowocują artefaktem ze świata Gothic.
Przełamując granicę między fantazją a rzeczywistością.

That world charmed me with it's secrets and magic, yet it still wounded me how unreachabl
:iconszufla:Szufla 1 0
Gothic Live Action - Magic Ore - Magiczna Ruda by Szufla Gothic Live Action - Magic Ore - Magiczna Ruda :iconszufla:Szufla 4 0 Moemon Prime - Title screen by Szufla Moemon Prime - Title screen :iconszufla:Szufla 2 17 ID - Shy X by Szufla ID - Shy X :iconszufla:Szufla 8 75 Crystalix LEGO by Szufla Crystalix LEGO :iconszufla:Szufla 3 4 Prototype X - Lego Minifigure by Szufla Prototype X - Lego Minifigure :iconszufla:Szufla 2 19


Please forgive in advance the "clumsiness" of my review as this is my first Critique ever. Despite that it will be hones and writte as ...

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Loki X Reader: Lies the Truth
Disclaimer: Well, you own you and no one else.
Warning: Gore Alert!
Yes, I'm writing gore. Maybe I've been listening to too many Creepypastas.
Also, this will be Shirley-fied later.
It will be done in a different manner, but you'll have to wait and see ;)
You sigh as you looked out your chamber window. Your (e/c) eyes stare forlornly out at the rainy Asgard day. You had been in a state of relative depression for the past two weeks, remaining isolated and taking all of your meals in your room.
Loki had left for a mission over a week ago. As soon as he returned, he had departed once again. He had not even come by to see you, just left without a goodbye. You know he is busy, but a kiss would have taken little time.
Your head turns at the sound of a soft knock on the door. Quickly, you get up from your chair in a swirl of petticoats. Perhaps it is Loki, back and ready to sweep you off your feet.
A servant is there in his stead.
"Hello Lady (y/n)," the young man says, his vo
:iconcrystal-of-ix:crystal-of-ix 14 49
I didn't calculate this! by zarla I didn't calculate this! :iconzarla:zarla 4,836 851 Miraculous Glacia by MerShotaDream Miraculous Glacia :iconmershotadream:MerShotaDream 6 2 poopnote by EatToast poopnote :iconeattoast:EatToast 268 128 prevention by EatToast prevention :iconeattoast:EatToast 566 97


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Arrow left by Drawn-MarioSo what should you know about the :dalogo: member called Szufla Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

:bulletblack: Well, firstly, I'm a Vector Artist.
My primary tool is a program called InkScape.

But I do have some experience with GIMP and Photography. So between vector works you will see some raster graphic as well.

I use to make my art using bases, but now I'm strugling to draw from scratch

:bulletblack: I'm an X-Men Movies fan but I don't use them as a theme for my arts, but rather an inspiration.

:iconx-friends: is the best example.

It's a group I've made along with my friends.

:bulletblack: On :dalogo: it's a tradition to have at least one Original Character or OC in short.

Chris the Prototype X is my main OC.

In short, he is a Multiverse Jumper with traits almost identical to X-men: Wolverine's.

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFor now that would be all you need to know about me. Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

Naturally there is more to me than just some description on deviantID, but that you will have to discover on your own.
Hello everyone :wave: 

I has been a while sine my last Journal/Status. I thought I speak up, even if it is mainy for myself :) 

So, nothing really to report regarding my artist activity...:( 

I still have plans but the more I want to get to work on them, the more other stuff comes up. It is really a downer...but I genuely want to be more active on DA. Hope that counts.

Things worth noting for today:
- I got ill, but shuck it off in 4 days. 
- Working on Chris's bio regarding his multiverse jumps. 
- Decorated a box to look like the surface of the moon.
- Bought too much Pokemon cards again...need to sell or trade ^^;
- Roughly sorted my files. 
- I finally got use to my OC being immortal. 
- Considering making a Symbiote OC/OCs .
- Still have some minor relationship issues with a friends and a new one with another.

Alright. Now to the riddle :) 

It is an old one and I own it fully :D Quite proud of it. Only 1 or 2 people answered correctly. Wanna try ?

On the face of the clock, there is a number that shows exactly how many minutes are left before full hour. What number is it?

Okay. That is it for today. Take care :tighthug:
Making stories about different worlds where my OC, Chris, has different adventures and meets amazing people is really fun.
But sorting those stories in a logical order that keeps in mind his growth as a character and holds the continuity...not so much ^^;

Finally this time has come to start sorting decades of constantly working fan fiction :)

Earth-XXXXXX aka Home World
Chris was born in this world. Lost his parents. Got kidnapped by Alkali Lake Lab. Received brutal physical and mental training. Met Prototype VI. Got his adamantium claws and hinges. Got brainwashed. Underwent a simultaneous adamantium bonding process and memory whipping. Killed most of the A.L.L. staff. Escapes into the woods. Spends some time with wolves. Meets a family who takes care of him. Chris re-learns some basic rules of society and regains his humanity. In his sleep attacks the father and is driven away. Confused and scared makes his first reality jump. 

II. Earth-XXXXXX aka One Language World
Chris tries to find the family to apologize. Finds that signs on the streets and language is unknown to him. Looking suspicious gets questioned by a police officer. Unable to explain himself, freaks out and runs. Eventually gets caught, but he resisted and gets shot. Wakes up in a odd facility tied to a bed. Realizes he is being examined and vivisected. His fear and confusion makes him go berserk. Frees himself and kills most of the staff. While running away he reaches the place that should be where the family lives, but by his confusion, there was nothing there. Surrounded by military force his powers unleashes and makes a jump. 

III. Earth-XXXXXX aka


~Kiriban - 101PV left~

Last call :devilish:
Set your traps or go take a walk ;)

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Kiriban - Less than 200PV~

Who is hunting :3 ?

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Kiriban - 300PV left~

What the title says :D
Time is ticking to get a chance for a request art ;)

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~I uploaded something!!!~

I am so happy Q_Q
After, who knows how long, I finally submitted a work.
Well, paperwork :D
"Certificate of Adoption"
is something I wanted do for some time and finally it sees the light of the day.

It was an exhausting project :faint: But I couldn't live without making it :D

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~What now?~

It has been a crazy month...I am sure more hardship awaits me, but for now things are stable and quiet. 

So in this moment od peace I have the time to ask myself..."What now?"
Chris SNIKTS out :salute:
~It's one of those days...~

One where the world is constantly irritating you and you could just murder all your loved ones and not bat an eye...

It's like Garfield's Monday and Jayson Vorhees's Friday in one...

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
So close! I almost did it.
Someone kill me XC !

This is not how one should spend a night shift!
~Going crazy Poem~

It's not getting better, it's far from that. 
The rant made it worse, go figure, my luck. 
Going insane that's what I'm good at.
Today I'm me, tomorrow just a duck.
"Do it you dope!" My heart shouts in my chest.
But I don't listen though my hearing is good.
"Silence! I know what solution will be the best."
And now I'm in this crazy, stupid mood.
Writing a poem that sounds like a rap. 
Listen to Chris, don't fall to the mind's trap. 

~Why I have so much stuff!?!~

I keep sorting and sorting those files but after one is clean, two more to sort come out !!!

The hell is this ? XXIst century version of Hercule's chores ?!  :faint:

I have a headache :dead:

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~YOU are awesome <3~

I'm going through my files, LOTS of them and when I see all the stuff you gave me. All those memories.
Arts, stories, RPs, events...

I just want to take a deep breath and shout out loud...


Thank you for all those treasures :glomp:

"Forever in my files, forever in my heart." :XD:

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~FB photo updated, next on the list...~

Alright! One step at a time, before actually doing stuff on DA >_>;

Updating my Facebook profile for some reason was #1 on the list.
I honestly hate any photos featuring my face...but I felt after YEARS of using an old one, a new "mile stone" seemed required. At least I visited a nice place to make the photo session and got some nice shots of the woods ^w^

Next on thing to do...
"Sort 1TB of files in the most complex and pedantic order you can think of, but still make it easy to move around."

I honestly am excited to begin :la:

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Golden Thought from the past~

"What's the most beautiful thing you'll ever see?
Your shadow. One that shows your presence in this world."

Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I came up with this observation.Today, after some editions, I'm sharing it will those who'll read it.

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Too accurate with my OC's body ^^; Can't stop...~

I've been reading articles about why, from evolutionary point of view, women have big breasts, so I could decide whether my OC, Chris, would have bigger or smaller breasts if gender-bended.

Do I need help...>w>; ?


Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Last day at my old job~

Today is finally the last day.
I will finish my shift and say Goodbye to that circus.

I just hope everything will go smoothly.

We will see.

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Not a SPAM...just reply a lot at once~

Can't comment...DA calls me a spamer ^^; I guess 60 comments in an hour is suspicious...

I'll wait then -w- ...

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Pokemon Trading Card Game list~

How many Pokemons are there ?
Including all forms and fossils.


Trust me. I've checked. Twice :faint:

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
 ~Venom Movie~
It was epic!
Can't wait for the sequel.
(I'm sure there will be one, if not two.)

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
Aaaaaaaaaa!!! -total fangirl scream-
This movie is gonna be so AWESOME!!!

Forget the epic glitchy animation, the over-used yet still full of potential multiverse gimmick. We have SPIDER-MAN NOIR & a new anime based geek-otaku girl accompanied by a R3-D2-WALL-E-BAYMAX-like Spider-Robot.


So..yeah...whatever...I recommend you check the trailer or not :shrug:

(-goes to check it again-... >w>)

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Best Alolan Vulpix TCG~

Today arrived a very special edition to my second collection of Pokemon Trading Cards.

A Japanese card featuring Alolan Vulpix.
Why is it so special ?
For once it shows Vulpix in mid air, jumping into the snow. Just like Arctic Foxes do when hunting. Which is really awesome :D

Second, this print is only available in Japan. As such the text also in only in Japanese, no English versions. Which is kinda...unique in its own way.

Third, this print is one of the best featuring Alolan Vulpix :heart:

And I have it in my possession !!! Also RosaPfote...I bought 2 :giggle:

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!
~Can not run from your problems~

Thing were going great (in regard of my mood, professionally...well...I'm changing jobs :XD: ) and I thought I reached peace of mind.

Then I got the message, send by accident so nothing really happened afterwards, but still I felt like dying from stress...


Not that I didn't believe these words...(look on the title), but this reminded wasn't necesary.
I still rather hide than face my issues -w-;

Chris SNIKTS out I salute you!

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