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Michael Jackson of Opera

This is my imagination of Michael Jackson as The Phantom of the opera.
I made this drawing becouse a few days ago I was watching this movie, and then I thought about something like this.
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Aug 6, 2007, 1:31:22 AM
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 Your picture was really good. I was scrolling down and saw the picture, but the title was covered up, and I asked myself why the phantom looked like Michael Jackson. I got my answer when I scrolled down.
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That would've made the movie fucked up.
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well thats a interesting imagination..big fan of both
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OMG YEEESSSS! *face palm* Sorry, I've imagined an image similar to this for a long time.

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Turned out pretty nice!
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I love Maestro\Michael you did an awsome job on it :D
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The comments are disgusting- I guess that goes to show just how the badly tabloid stories have infected the publics mind.

Darlin' this is the best MJ cross-over I've ever seen. And curiously I was actually thinking the other day that MJ would have been very well suited to the Phantom role- It's certainly one he could relate to. Tortured musical genius an; all that.

You made his eyes really pop and this is amazingly skillful.
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Thank You a lot.
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PIĘKNOZA, tak zwana :)
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no problem hoppe u add me
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Yeah, this picture. It's great! ^_^

I really hope history doesn't repeat itself, though it might. I don't think Erik or Michael would want any children to go through the hell that they individually went through in their lives.
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Both the Phantom and Michael were misunderstood musical geniuses. That's why both of them stole my heart. And one doesn't exist and the other just died! Ah. My heart is deff broken. Nice job. And I love that someone else thought of this. Not just me. Maybe I'm not so crazy afterall. :]
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Actually Erik (the Phantom) might have existed... they've found skeletons under the Paris Opera House, anyone of them could have been him... And both Erik and Michael were amazing at music, as well as multi-talented (Erik was a ventriloquist and professional assassin, Michael could sketch and was a Smooth Criminal ^_^). True Renaissance men, definitely.

I guess history does repeat itself. Anyway, the picture, yes... Heh, that looks completely wicked. Well done!
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I know he might have existed and that there was some sort of disfigured guy who worked on the Paris Opera House building and Gaston Leroux pretty much went crazy saying the Phantom had existed.

Michael danced as well, choreographed, wrote and acted in all his videos. With help. And he sketched out his moves and then asked for the copyrights.

What picture? This deviation?

If history repeats itself will there be another musical genius to come?
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Of course You're not crazy. Or maybe we are both.
Is's so unfair, that Michael is dead.
I still can't believe it. Is' so hard to realise this.
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I know. I just cried this morning. Like crazy. I cried since I found out he died and then took a two day break, saw the memorial and cried again. I know he wouldn't want us to cry or to be sad but instead to do good in the world and carry on what he began but my heart hurts so much without our king.
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Don't listen to all the ridiculous comments, this is a very good work complementing two misunderstood geniuses and, funnily enough, I just read an article about Sir Andrew saying that Michael loved the musical and wanted to play Erik in the film version, but it had only just opened as a musical and Webber thought it was too early for a film. So, there you go, Michael COULD have been Phantom. Funny how parallel their lives were - both getting a lot of ridicule for their appearance when it was their genius people should have been talking about.
R.I.P. Michael and may the spite of wagging tongues never touch you again where you are now!
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"R.I.P. Michael and may the spite of wagging tongues never touch you again where you are now!"
Yes, that's right in 100%.
Thanks for the info about Mike that he wanted to play the role in the musical.
Michael would be great Phantom, I'm absolutley sure.
And, this is true, their lives were so similar.
Goth-Angel-Ina's avatar
You're welcome, although with Sir Webber saying all that only after Michael died I'm sort of wondering if he's not just using the opportunity to promote Love Never Dies, as he couldn't be contradicted even if what he said wasn't quite true. I guess I'm getting a bit cynical in my old age... :P Hope he really did like Phantom so very much.
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It's beautiful, and I think you've touched on something that the Tabloids refused to see. As the interviews and tributes roll on in TV, I've noticed he really was as venerable and shy as the phantom himself when he wasn't performing.

RIP, Mike.
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