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White Hat from ''Ineascapable'' by Sztefa001 White Hat from ''Ineascapable'' :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 7 0 'Trace' by Sztefa001 'Trace' :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 4 1
I wish...
Reccomended reading music (preferably at 0.75 speed):
Flug could hear the sound of a small explosion, broken glass and Black Hat’s yelling through the door. The next thing he heard was his boss’s steps as he angrily walked along the corridor. In this mood he would probably entered the room as loudly and furiously as he usually does, but not now. Not since… well…
The door opened quietly. The demon slowly walked inside and with tired and still quite angry expression looked at Flug.
[F]: Bad day?
Black Hat gave no response except for a resigned sigh. He walked up to Flug’s bed and sat on a chair beside it.
[BH]: I’m so done… *as he said that he leaned his arms on knees and hid face in hands rubbing his forehead*
[F]: Oh… That bad?
[BH]: Those morons I had to hire /still/ can’t finish that torture ray you were working on...
[F]: Umm, it is kinda complicated I guess… And I don&
:iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 2 4
''From the two of us...''
Warning - swear words
Ok, it all starts with this one rich guy who wants to buy some kind of weapon.
(let's call him… idk, Ace maybe? like in cards? Because in Polish it’s “as” which sounds like “ass” and he’s the dick of the story, so… EDIT: I just found out that “ace” is also a pilot that shot down several enemy planes WTF I THOUGHT ONLY WE USE THE EXPRESSION “AS PRZESTWORZY” as the “ace of skies”, awesome pilot etc. HOLY SHIT AND IT’S A LEGIT NAME TOO AAAAAA damn, now I want it to be Flug’s real name… Fuck, I wrote 2 pages already and got used to the idiot ass Ace  ;-; Luckily it's just an idea, names can be changed.)
He talks with Flug and turns out that Ace likes planes and was in aircraft club/school/whatever. Flug says he was in such club too but in completely different part of the country (it’s a lie, he knows the guy, they were in the same club; he hated him
:iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 2 1
Lil Prince by Sztefa001 Lil Prince :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 3 1
If you love him let him go - my first idea
There was a shootout and Flug got killed and BH got angry but because he's a demon he used some dark magic to resurrect Flug. But it resulted with Flug being a braindead minion and was pretty useless, so BH did more dark magic and brought Flug's soul back. It seemed that it will do the trick but Flug got super upset because apparently, he have been in a better place and wanted to go back. After trying to commit suicide, BH makes him sort of immortal which pisses Flug off even more. At this point he's not afraid or even nervous around BH - he's super angry and frustrated and starts to annoy BH on purpose to get him to kill him.
BH is so annoyed that dark magic and Flug has no memories of being dead. Everything gets back to normal for a while, but seems like all this playing with death and life has some minor side effects (Flug has lags, sometimes remembers little bits of the better place, starts doing drugs to find the one he got addicted to and generally feels out of place).
One day Fl
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Sup? by Sztefa001 Sup? :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 4 0 Smok-box by Sztefa001 Smok-box :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 4 5 Admiral Peepers by Sztefa001 Admiral Peepers :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 14 7 Admiral Peepers (WIP) by Sztefa001 Admiral Peepers (WIP) :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 6 6 Gaster shitpost by Sztefa001 Gaster shitpost :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 7 0 Zim doodle by Sztefa001 Zim doodle :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 1 0 Amame! by Sztefa001 Amame! :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 1 6 For Kathrin by Sztefa001 For Kathrin :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 0 0 Inspirated by sprays by Sztefa001 Inspirated by sprays :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 1 3 Angels and clouds by Sztefa001 Angels and clouds :iconsztefa001:Sztefa001 0 0


Makin' a Manual by lucadoodle Makin' a Manual :iconlucadoodle:lucadoodle 8 0 he's baby by lucadoodle he's baby :iconlucadoodle:lucadoodle 7 1 I MUST POSTULATE by lucadoodle I MUST POSTULATE :iconlucadoodle:lucadoodle 7 1 Hilarious Cedric Expressions Meme by ChikoritaLuv Hilarious Cedric Expressions Meme :iconchikoritaluv:ChikoritaLuv 17 8 Grab My Meme Blank by pokemoneg Grab My Meme Blank :iconpokemoneg:pokemoneg 10,370 2,189 demencia by BabyeWings demencia :iconbabyewings:BabyeWings 417 8 black hat by BabyeWings black hat :iconbabyewings:BabyeWings 191 2 Exercise 48 Results: Painting Blood Step by Step by CGCookie Exercise 48 Results: Painting Blood Step by Step :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 16,364 178 oh nO by cosmik-junky oh nO :iconcosmik-junky:cosmik-junky 113 9 it him //Villainous by cosmik-junky it him //Villainous :iconcosmik-junky:cosmik-junky 141 9 dr flug //Villainous by cosmik-junky dr flug //Villainous :iconcosmik-junky:cosmik-junky 63 5 stabby [ villainous ] by cosmik-junky stabby [ villainous ] :iconcosmik-junky:cosmik-junky 44 1 Lick Lick //Villainous by cosmik-junky Lick Lick //Villainous :iconcosmik-junky:cosmik-junky 123 11 Paperhat Kiss by thegalaxymuffin Paperhat Kiss :iconthegalaxymuffin:thegalaxymuffin 13 1 Day 10: Red string by thegalaxymuffin Day 10: Red string :iconthegalaxymuffin:thegalaxymuffin 14 0



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