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draenei no.154734

no moar boobs.. but butts! Happy new year!
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AlishaCraftsCutesies's avatar
i LOVE your warcraft art! it is awesome!!! would you do me the priveledge of joining my group and submitting your art? =] that'd be sooooo awesome. my group is called WowCrafters and the links below ^^ I would really appreciate it, and would very much like to see more of your work! I can't wait to hear from you!
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furrylovesforever's avatar
before i die from my sorrow the heart of this alien woman shit now 21.27. i do not like ass, but from the stern. mountains shake like jelly heart :heart:
Wind-Blaze's avatar
Draenei females do have a good butt
WickedPrince's avatar
elazuls-core's avatar
Ahah, she has pretty legs. x3 I like her calf muscles being all shapely like that. I never know the proper way to draw them for myself, but this way looks very good!
IIIXandaP's avatar
Nice ! I like your style :)

Side note : [link] thats hot XD.
Oposum's avatar
Very good drawing skills, but why Number: 154734 ? Did u draw so much Draeneis xD.
Felesya's avatar
woah, looks like mine. <3!
Pyrodude8's avatar
Draenei Butt FTW
Zantetsu's avatar
I like your butt. The ones you draw I mean. :P

Happy new year.
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the soft colours and lines give it an almost dreamlike sense, good job in that respect XD, happy new year :)
kitsunekori666's avatar
she's missing something.... Im not shure what it is OH YES clothes LMAO
JonathanFesmire's avatar
The draenei ROCK! Very cute picture.
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