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Draenei Shaman - commission

For :iconstellery:.
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Just plain awesome, the legs caught my eye though, how she is walking in that dress, looks rather tight fit for her legs. ^^'
thevampiredio's avatar
she's cute! but the way her legs making the dress looks weird...
DreamChronicler's avatar
So adorable draenei, wery good work mate!
ArcaneRaven's avatar
Well saw the one of the nightelf with them pink nipples... so pretty <3

but read your artist comment and so come here and fav this one too :) me likes dreaneis too *nods* you do good work in general really. But those pink nipples just are so perfect xD
Amazing job, as always, i love all the details, especially her dress!
Favved, keep up the good work :)
Koyukionna's avatar
Gorgeous job, and she has a real cuteness about her. stellery is lucky. :)
stellery's avatar
Thanks again for doing this commission for me Sienna :)

Tao looks wonderful in your rendition of her!
Karula's avatar
Could be some kind of swimsuit type getup under the rest of the armour. Either way, pretty goat, it's great.
demonsfearme's avatar
The only thing that I see that really bugs me is her chest. Actually, a lot of artists do this, and it's kinda sorta a pet peeve of mine. If that blue on her chest id supposed to be part of the robe, it should stretch across her breasts. The was you have it drawn is as it they are her breasts themselves. If they are, then they're the wrong color blue. Cloth does not meld to the breasts, it stretches over them.

Otherwise, I love it.
szienna's avatar
I don't think it's cloth. It's quite confusing because if you look at the ingame version you can see it does meld to the breasts: [link]
demonsfearme's avatar
If it's her skin, then, it's the wrong color blue. If it's another sort of material, it should still stretch over the breasts.
stellery's avatar
It's definitely not her skin. I was confused by it too when I first noticed the chest area is a different shade of blue than her own skin. I think it's just Blizzard's re-coloring of S3 from T6 gone screwy.
demonsfearme's avatar
awsome love it, noticed her boobs are different color to her body, or is that the armor, not sure =3
szienna's avatar
It's the armor.
thought so, :P either way nice job
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Very well done! I love it!
Darix-Dragon's avatar
Hehe she looks cute. The way she winks and is charging up a bolt of lighting makes her look like she is enjoying smithing somebody with thunder ^^
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Nice. I like her hair. :]
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She's beautiful
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omgzorz. hawt.


great linework/coloring. I really like your style. :D
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