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Jelliemotes - First Set

By SzGfx
The first set of my Jelliemote Collection.

You can Download for the 15 Jelliemotes in png format. They are pretty big for emotes, but you can use them as you wish. MSN, Forums, you name it, I don't mind.

Just don't take credit for making them, and if asked about them, link here please.

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cool stuff thanks for sharing
hi there,

Can i use your jelliemotes for my chat apps?

I will mentioned SzGfx here. 

Let me know if it works. 

Thank you! :)
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Yeah go for it
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You should make more of these :D
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Haha thanks! I have a few more that I never uploaded. Hopefully this summer I'll make more :3
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haha they rock ;d
SzGfx's avatar
Thank you <3
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i know you dont know me but i have to say, yay pedobear and yay for breaking the first rule! awesome jellies :iconsuccessfultrollplz:
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What's the first rule? D :
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the 1st rule of the internet states that nothing leaves /b/. *4chan made the 'rules of the internet' and half of them dont make since and only work in 4chan but 4channers think it should be obeyed everywhere, i think, and pedobear along with many other things you see on the internet belongs in /b/ or random.*
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Oh I see. Thanks for explaining.
Was your first comment sarcastic at all? I can't tell D :
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i was feling a little crazier then normal that day. i dont normaly comment on random peoples stuff like that.. but no i dont believe so,i like pedobear and the jellies were cool! i looked through your gallery as well and thought a lot of the stuff was cool. i had someone in my class that drew stuff like that. and just to say all the jellies on the last 2 rows starting with hitler i believe are all stuff posted over and over again on 4chan
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Lol yeah the last two rows were spoofs.
But thanks : )
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hai chuckled on the hitler and pedo one

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Awesome jellies Skate.
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Nice. I like the ninja one.
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Bliss, Tantrum and Adolph Jellyfish are without a doubt my ultimate faves forever. ♥
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Haha, glad to hear it.
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hahaha I love them!
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I like the adolph.
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