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I'm working on a few original species, and I'm pretty excited.

A bunch of them I'm not sure if I'll be making them available because they're for a story I've been cultivating for like a decade, and if I do, it'll probably be only for a closed ARP type thing. Once I can afford some decent equipment, though, there will definitely be a web comic!

Anyway, there are two that I'll definitely be making into adoptables!

-name tbd- Smol demons, with four limbs, tiny optional tails, big eyes, and and endless possible designs/colorations for their body as well as their face. Their faces/heads have this bony plate (the best comparison I can think of is a triceratops for some reason) with six horns - four up top and one on each side of their jaw - then one additional horn on their nose, for a total of seven. These creatures may be cute, but they are...well, demons. They grant wishes to people who break their horns off, but they're notorious tricksters and because obviously breaking a horn hurts, wishes granted by these teensy demons can easy go wrong. They're immortal - the only way they can be killed is by losing all seven of their horns. This is made even more difficult a task for anyone trying to kill one by the fact that they can heal a horn by taking a life before that life was meant to end. Fittingly, they are often companions of Reapers; but sometimes travel through the mortal realm. Personality-wise, they do have a species-wide tendency toward pranking and such, but they are ultimately as varied as humans. Some may even befriend mortals, and the rare minidemon may even act as a guardian angel of sorts.
I'm not set on their breeding habits yet, but I'm thinking they'll be vaguely intersex, and reproduce by rubbing fur and/or horns to exchange magic/sperm&eggs/pollen/whatever - I'm hoping to work something out that allows potential breeding between three or more of them. They survive mostly on meat, but can digest other foods, and some have preferences toward sweets for example.

Aaaand- BUTTERBATS! Adorable little bats with big ears, fluffy manes, dark eyes, brown pelts, and butterfly shaped/colored noses. They eat fruit and insects, and have a tendency to hoard things they like. I haven't fleshed out much of their lore yet, but I have a lot of ideas for subspecies and tiered traits in the works; including, (just in time for Halloween hopefully) Vampire Butterbats!

Both of these will probably be semi-open/semi-closed Species. I'll upload some sketches once I'm more set on their designs. :3
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Butterbats sound freaking adorable.