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Happy Birthday Shin!

By Syvaender
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A commission for PrismatDragoon who ordered a gift for Shins bday! Usually I don't take commishs with a deadline but since shin is my friend as well I made an exception.
Don't ask me where the two of them got sockeye salmons in the middle of the desert. Maybe they stole from a very wealthy importer of fishy goods.

Art is mine.
Asogorath (left) belongs to PrismatDragoon
Shin (right) belongs to Shinerai Happy birthday beb! c:
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© 2020 Syvaender
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Great work. How's things going?

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Going good c: thanks for the comment

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You're welcome :)

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Ngl from far away I thought those salmon looked like Chili peppers x'D 

Good work!
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Gigantic chili peppers, hahaha. But I can see why. With the red + that white glare it definitively looks like a chili in the thumbnail orz
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Boah diese Lines sind so verdammt glatt und sauber geworden, das ist wirklich eine Augenweide! Beide Posen sind richtig dynamisch und passen gut zueinander. Es macht Spaß all die Details genauer zu studieren und sich überhaupt näher mit dem Bild zu beschäftigen! Der sanfte Hg passt gut und lenkt nicht vom Geschehen ab und die Farbpalette macht insgesamt einen harmonischen Eindruck c:
Ich würde vielleicht anmerken, dass Shins Schwanz zum Ende hin etwas sehr dünn geworden ist, aber andererseits machts auch einfach Spaß so schlanke Tails zu zeichnen, das mach ich auch immer gerne. War vielleicht ja auch von dir beabsichtigt c: Anyway, sehr schönes Bild und meiner Meinung nach eines deiner besten Lineworks!
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Ich bin super froh, dass ich die Posen nochmal reworked habe, vorher waren das beide einfach komplett langweilige sideviews. Auch die Köpfe.
Du hast Recht was die Schwanzspitze angeht, da bin ich definitiv schon betriebsblind gewesen, als ich die Sketch gelined habe. haha. Aber nochmal öffnen werde ich diese psd bestimmt nicht *shakesfist* ich machs dann beim nächsten mal besser, hoffentlich xD
Danke für den süßen Kommi <3
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I only see this now!
Such great boys <3

"Stop laughing! Am gonna smack you with those fish!"
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*smacks salmon across face* 
*disgusting wet noise*

Haha thanks!
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You draw wings so amazingly! 
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Thank you so much ;A;
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I love this detailed drawing of the wings.. <3
Very cool!
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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it c:
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So amazing and beautiful!
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You’re welcome!
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That is awesome!  The thieves have struck again and they are having the time of their lives doing it!  Makes me giggle!  So fun!  By the way, how'd you do that glowy look with the sun?  I'm still getting used to some of the 'light' tools in photoshop and I can't get it to work the same way every time.  And like Shin said the simplicity of the image leads to a true open and hot desert environment.  And wow...loving the details on those wings!  I still struggle with that but I've gotten better.

Just need to get back to drawing more.  Been worn out... :p
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Oof believe me I did struggle a lot with Shins wings, haha. That barring killed me.
For the sun I just drew a white spot with the hard round brush (which you can't really see any longer) and then chose a gigantic airbrush to paint over it with the same color to get the glare c: .
Thanks so much for the comment <3 I also wish I had more motivation for drawing these days <-<
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I hear ya on the motivation part.  Especially now that there's more TIME.  Other interests like to push their ugly faces in instead, don't they?  ^^
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They doooo *she says whilst playing videogames*
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What a lovely gift! I've had this open in my browser all day enjoying it. It's a lovely scene and, although simple, the mood/genre really shows here. That sun is feeling scorching! That's why we needed a tasty juicy snack so badly :P

I absolutely love this look of defiance as Shin and Asogorath sprint away with glee xD They truly are some trouble makers, and that dude in the backround is definitely cursing them haha!

I really enjoy your lines here. They are so smooth, thin, and confident. Your details are so precise and accurate ;u; I also appreciate that you took the time to capture Shin's tiny details such as the subtle gradients inside his markings and irregular barring on the wings.

Surprisingly, I think he and Asogorath look great together! Their color palettes really compliment each other, and they look great against the desert.

Thanks again for taking this commission - it turned out so well ;u; I really love it. And thank you PrismatDragoon for thinking of me!! ♥

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I'm so glad you like it. I still don't know where they got sockeye salmon from in a desert. I suppose this basar has a really widely cast trading net xD
The gradients inside the markings actually weren't that hard now that I finally learned how to use gradient maps thanks to you. However nothing prepared me for the barring on the wings xD IS there a way to do it efficiently and quickly? Because I did not find one, haha.
Anyways. Shin is a pleasure to draw nonetheless. His colorsheme and markings are just so iconic <3

Thanks so much for this lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope it was a good surprise c:
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I'm really happy to hear You like this surprise <3 As You said, Toki did a great job on this ^^ I can only hope Aso can stand that scorch, his black pelt isn't really helpful here xD
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Haha yeah I bet it's a bit toasty for him haha xD Hopefully he'll be fine as long as he stays hydrated! C:

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