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oh my gosh, it's so cool !
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Very nice effect of the pale moon and flowers against the darker leaves. It looks like it could be the cover of a very well written literary novel.
Awesome artwork!
splendid work!
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What is the size of the canvas ?? 
It's awesome, looks like a digital painting so the details are perfect.
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This is gorgeous, I love the watery, flowing feel and your wonderfully smooth watercolours =)
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The blue in this is so great. Also, that moon and it's light is GORGEOUS.
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If this is the beginning of a series, I will make a series of very unmanly noises of pleasure.
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Another amazing painting!
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The detail and colors in this are amazing! It is so well done!
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I really love this picture.
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just finished watching kaguya hime and see this 
the feellllsssss ;o;/
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Beautiful! I have flowers that resembles those at home in the garden! My mom says they are weed, but for me they are not. :D
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