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:iconsythranightshade:SythraNightshade posted a status
I agree with this 100%
"When and When not to Critique"
When and When not to CritiqueI've noticed that lately, on deviantart, there is a lot of sudden unsolicited critiquing and/or criticizing going on and I'm not sure where it's all coming from but I've seen it a lot lately on many artists who haven't even requested critiques.
So I wanted to make this journal.
When NOT to Critique
When the artist has not asked for any
When the artist has stated it's a bunch of sketches and or doodles
If the artist has asked for no critiques to be given
If it's a commissioned piece (unless the artist asks for a critique)
If what you're saying is a personal preference (example: artist draws a blonde girl, but you like brown and tell them brown would have looked better)
When what you're saying is criticism and not critique (yes, there is a difference)
If you're only going to point out what was done wrong and not offer advice on how to fix things/get better
When to Critique
The artist has asked for a critique
The artist, has stated somewhere, that they appreciate and

Found this through a status post from Velkss. 
I personally mostly don't appreciate criticism from strangers. Especially because I don't ask for it. No, posting improvement memes is not asking for critique thank you very much.
-rant ahead-
Only recently I had an argument on Facebook with some idiots from a German artist group, because people in those groups tend to 'jump on the train' when someone gives a negative comment (which is the rudest thing you could possibly do). I hate the German artist community, especially on Facebook. 90% of them are self entitled, selfish pricks that feel better about their own shitty art when talking others art down.
For some people it's apparently hard to believe but I know where my mistakes are. I'm aware of them. I don't need others to point them out. I do art for FUN. I'm neither a professional artist nor am I trying to become one.
-rant end-
^Sorry for this :v

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