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[COSED] Trading Chromite by SythraNightshade [COSED] Trading Chromite by SythraNightshade
I made her last year during an MYO event. Since I won't be using her anymore I want her to find a good new home!

New Owner: Wishful-Krissy 

You can offer art and characters/adopts! (no money or points)
Also please write why you'd like to have her c:

Her name is Yu (you can change that tho)

Eye traits: 
    -Cyclops (common)
    -Goop (common)
Ear types:
    -Long (common)
Teeth materia:
    -Teeth (common)
    -Black/dark grey (common)
Body type:
    -Full slime (common)
    -Skin: Black/Monochrome (rare)
    -Goop: Green/Coloured (rare)
Inc Sacs:
    -Fins (uncommon) (according to old trait sheet)
    -Placement, side of arm; side of tight (common) (according to old trait sheet)

You can change everything except the given traits.
You must agree to the species TOS
Only serious offers please :v

Extra art:
Creepy Chromite by SythraNightshade

Owner of the species is BluejayBae
Creator of the species is Prismoras-Palace 
Species TOS
Species Chromite-Crevasse 
Pose ref by Kate-FoX this drawing is very old thoooo

I'll leave this up until someone offers something that I like/ am willing to trade her for
Wishful-Krissy Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to offer art!
I could do a half bod!
Mash It! by KyotoMink Mimori! by KyotoMink Ms. Molly Teaches by KyotoMink
She would fit in with my ladies so well and I have a mighty need to draw her! ♥0♥
SythraNightshade Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
note that I'm interested! Give me some more time to consider your offer, okay? c: I feel that she'll be in good hands if I give her to you~
Jay-and-Kos Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017
Would love to offer anyone from this folder!… (Also in the taking offers folder as well!)
Would be willing to offer multiple if needed!
And I really would like to have her because her design is really pretty, her hair is so long and gorgeous. OTL :heart:
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September 10, 2017
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