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The Sacrifice - Knuckles

This is my take on Knuckles the Echidna in a more realistic form.
People who know me well, are probably aware that I am a hopeless Knuckles fanatic and that he's my favourite game and cartoon character of all time for many reasons.
I've been trying to make a realistic version of him for over a year now and failed at so many attempts, it's not even funny any more. This is the first time I am truly satisfied with how it came out. It may not be perfect, but the picture that you see now actually reflects perfectly what I had in mind.
I considered to depict him naked (since, after all, he doesn't wear clothes in the original character design) and the first sketch actually depicted him like this. But I thought that I could do more for the motion of the picture with trousers. As for the other major change: I just liked the sketch of his bare knuckles too much to cover them up with gloves.

Now, every person has their own version in their head of their favourite character, especially with a character so ambiguously portrayed as Knuckles.
"My" Knuckles is both sexy and trained, but at the same time a loner and very devoted to his task. He is also a scholar of the old lore and the legends of his home, the Floating Island and since his late father couldn't tell him everything he is pretty much self taught and knows most things from the old underground libraries beneath Crystal Palace. He's independent and can take good care of himself. His weakness, however, is his skill with other people. Even though he is generally rather polite he is easily taken off guard and sometimes tries to hide his insecurity with coldness or even anger (the later mostly triggered by Sonic's heedless provocations). He's gullible to a point as well, but this mostly stems from the little experience he has with the intricately plotting and manipulating minds of other people.
Oh yeah: and his eyes are blue!

So there. I know, this is another long comment. I hope you enjoy the picture nonetheless.
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ToxikCoffee's avatar
This is beautiful!

Someone, however, stole this on Reddit.…
sythiar's avatar
I don't think they stole it. They just posted the image. Thanks for telling me. The comments on this post are hilarious. :D
ToxikCoffee's avatar
Alright, just making sure. No problem, and I agree!
Rainbowser's avatar
Awesome! :D
Love Knuckles too, he's just awesome! :3
sythiar's avatar
Thanks. And yes, Knuckles is awesome. :)
Theautisticonenamedm's avatar
Good work on this design! Wonder how Megatox would look?
sythiar's avatar
Good question. :) I don't feel tempted to draw him though.
Cookiesaurus-Rex's avatar
Okay, I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, but could you PLEASE make Vex from Chaotix?! That would be so freakin' amazing to see a realistic Vex.... anyways, amazing work! Keep it up, sythiar!
sythiar's avatar
I've been thinking about doing more of these actually, but since I am more of a SatAM fan I'll probably do princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot next. Vex is an interesting choice of character though. :) I'll think about it.
Cookiesaurus-Rex's avatar
Nice, can't wait for Sally!
britts-demesne's avatar
Your version of Knux totally kicks ass. It's good to see him done like this.
sythiar's avatar
Hey! Thanks a lot for the compliment (and sorry for the late reply)!
CloudofAsh's avatar
My god, this is AMAZING! So much detail, and that shading! What a masterpiece.
sythiar's avatar
Thanks so much! I'm happy you like it. It's also one of my favourites.
xDragonMuffins's avatar
I thought his eyes were purple...^^;
sythiar's avatar
Yes. Officially, according to SEGA, they now are. But in the beginning, the character had black eyes - and so I always imagined his eyes to be blue, in "reality". I was kind of disappointed when they decided that his eyes would be purple. But I guess it's because Tails already took up the vacancy of blue eyes, and at this point they couldn't have two major characters, or too many characters, with the same eye colour. But that's just my theory about SEGA's colour design.
xDragonMuffins's avatar
Oh!Alright then!^^
super-sonic-iblish's avatar
This is breathtaking!! He's so muscular!! He's not ugly, he's amazing!
sythiar's avatar
Not a lot of people agree with that, but I'm glad that you would think so. :) Thanks.
Pip-Indigo-13's avatar
That is a very neat looking Knuckles. Well done!
sythiar's avatar
Thanks. This is one of my favourites... :) *sigh*
Arte-the-CatBoy's avatar
So much win... ;u;
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