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Thalia's little Dragon

This can not really be titled as original art. The idea for the picture goes back half a year when I was at the comic convention in Bristol. ~Swirlything (aka. Thalia Evans) was drawing a cute little dragon there and I fell in love with it on first sight. Back then I asked her if I could colour it, but finally I just ended up playing around with it for a little while. I quite like the result, even though I'm unsure as to what to do with it next, since it's clearly not finished yet. Should I colour it? Or put it into my scraps as one of my nice little tries on something that will never really become anything more? For now it will just remain in my main gallery. We'll see what happens later.

Also: I still think it's incredible how much appreciation this drawing is getting and how many new developments it's going through. So far it's been faved, commented on, featured in journals and youtube videos... it's amazing! I think this is also a way to make art - through change.

Credit me and also Thalia in all this, ok? And tell us about it when you use the picture or do something with it! It would also be best if you ask permission first, before using the deviation.
It's interesting to know what is happening or what still will happen to this picture, so keep me (and Thalia) updated!

The original
by :iconswirlything:
[link] (Visit her gallery here!)

Other versions or uses of this deviation here:
:thumb89307782: by :iconcrossingmissvampire:
by :iconfloflo:
And the craziest:
by :iconopenjugular:

Also :iconhaloilovu: made a 3D model of this. See the link to the youtube video here: [link]
And here is the link to his blog: [link]
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hi! i found this wonderful picture and would like to use it for non-commercial project (fantastic divinations). If you feel fine, that will be great!
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How do you want to use it?
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Hi! Sorry, but the plans changed, so I won't use it or share it at all.
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That's ok, too. :)
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I am in love with this dragon!! I have been searching and searching for ideas to draw the perfect tattoo in honour of my little girl. She was conceived and born in the year of the dragon. And when I came across this one, it feels perfect!!! Would it be okay with you if I had this beauty tattooed on my arm? I would be so appreciative!!!
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Sure, it would be ok. Just know that you are not the first one to use it as a tattoo, so if you are looking for something unique that no one else has, then this may not be it. But if you don't mind that, then go ahead. Do it! :)
Also: I'm really curious to see what it will look like in the end. So, if you do get this tattoo, could you send me a picture?
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This would be an amazing tattoo in black!!!!!
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There is actually someone who has this as a tattoo on their back. It's a strange thought, but I feel kind of honoured, too.
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So you should be. That's a huge compliment.
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I agree. :) Thanks.
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a full color, would be perfect too, anyway, i like it very much..
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Thanks a bunch. :) I doubt I will ever make a colour version, since I like it a lot in black and white. But you're free to make one, if you like.
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that eye is hypnotizing :D
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Thanks so much. :)
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Thanks a bunch.
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my daughter's name is also Thalia, and spelled exactly the same! this is so great! this dragon is defnitely going on her wall!!
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Aww. That's so sweet. :) Thank you.
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So cute!
Great job!
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Thanks so much. :)
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