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Well, it’s been a while since I last submitted a deviation and boy, I think I've never worked so hard on something before and changed a drawing so much as this one. It's a fan art for ~hylianreploid's Ocarina of Time fan art contest.

In the beginning this picture should have depicted Link being cradled by Farore, his protector godess, who choses him to be the vessel of her power before the whole story in Ocarina of Time actually began. But then I saw that this had been done before, and I didn't want to be accused of copying people, so I didn't go any further with this idea. Farore remained a sketch. Then I thought it would look great if Link dreamt of his future self fighting Ganondorf - that would have been really amazing, but the main problem about this idea was, that there just wasn't enough time to draw as much details in there as I would have liked, so I discarded the idea after the first sketches.
I brainstormed and thought about it a lot (there is nothing worse than the great and threatening expanse of a white sheet of paper) and finally settled down with this idea:


Link is weary from playing and practising with his slingshot all day. May it be due to the peculiar effect the lost woods have on Hylian children or because of his tiresome activities, he lays himself down at the foot of a tree and almost instantly dozes off into slumber, the slingshot he had been practising with slips from his hand as do the two deku seeds he had planned on using as ammunition.

Is this picture set before the whole story began? When Link is but a predestined vessel for the Triforce? A seedling of the Hero of Time that slumbers within him? The power of his fate links him to the princess he sees in his nightmares of Hyrule's demise. The princess pleading him to come to her aid and to help all of Hyrule with the power of the legendary Ocarina of Time.

Or is it set after the story? Where the battles have been fought and Link still feels the connection to the princess he had vowed to protect seven years in the future resonating through him? His heart feels heavy as he hears her voice in his dream, both thankful for his heroic deeds and his protection and sad because of the parting that they had to endure.

However it may be – both of these possibilities will lead to the encounter of the princess and her protector. For they are two parts of one whole, and destined to meet again and again in time.


Here are a few sketches of things I used and things I didn't use:

Link: [link] - :lol: A link to Link; I know, it's an old joke...
Zelda: [link] - You may realize that she looks a bit older than this

Farore: [link] - She was supposed to be coated with branches, flowers and insects, but there was too little time for that anyway.
Navi: [link] - She was supposed to sleep on Link's knee, but got removed because she was too small to show her details and because she changed the meaning of the picture.
Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield: [link] - I started, coloured and removed those twice. They just didn't work out.

EDIT - 22.04.2007: Because of several comments pointing this out, I changed Zelda's arm. I hope it looks more natural now.
I also added some detail shots which you can find here: [link]
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Beautiful work, such a clear narrative as well, a true storytelling piece!
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Thank you. I'm happy you saw my intention and the narrative I tried to create. Thanks for the comment.
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amazing detail!
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Thanks a lot.
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Wunderschönes Spiel mit den Farben. Zauberhaft!
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Vielen, vielen Dank.
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This is REALLY REALLY REALLY good. I saw this and fell in love with it. You did an excellent job.
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I'm glad you like it. Thank you for the nice comment. :)
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vraiment c'est trop beau
sythiar's avatar
Merci beaucoup. J'ai fait de mon mieux!
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Wow SO...MUCH....DETAIL! :iconfaintsplz: That is amazing!
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Heh. Thanks so much.
OniLinkfan224's avatar
No problem! Wow this must've taken forever!
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I can't really remember how long it took, but I'm very slow, since I'm not a professional. So, most certainly over 20 hours.
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Yeah, I know... ^^;
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This is one of the best Legend of Zelda fan arts I have ever seen! I think the boots look maybe a little to detailed, but that's just my opinion.
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Thank you for your kind words. I think I made the boots so detailed because they are in the foreground. Or maybe because I really loved doing them? I can't really remember. It's been too long. Thanks anyway.
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omg the best picture evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r very talented u better make more or ill cry
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More good pictures. Sure. Always. :D
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i love it so much. and lol good thing Link has big boots, other wise we would have to look at his junk in that position. lol seriously why does young link never wear pants???
sythiar's avatar
Who says he doesn't? I for one always thought he did wear underpants under his tunic... Also the game is not specific about it since his lower body just simply isn't there.
mullent169's avatar
well maybe, i just find it odd that when he is a kid in OoT his bare legs are showing. but when he is sealed in the temple of time for seven years he just, for some reason has tights on. lol the only explanation i can think of for that is that when he got older, bits of him started to hang out. xD
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You're right. That is a bit odd. Other parts of his tunic are different, too though, I think. Maybe it's just a different outfit altogether, made to look like the old one.
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