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Send me some links to check out. Twitter? Insta? FA? I'm kinda over tumblr so I'm not there much at all.

For me I think it's patreon that I've been trying to pay most attention to and post early access and extras. Having that time limit keeps me productive, and accountable.

After that it's probably twitter; all the while I wait for a new DA competitor that will have galleries rather than endless feed you'll never catch up on. I'd love to be more on insta but the fact they ruin image quality has been a major deterrent for me. Now that I speak of it I remembered there's an open source clone I made an account and forgot about called pixelfed. It seems to work a bit like mastodon with the different instances. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to those. I am curently on social as that was the only thing back then.

Here's some of my links if anyone wants to give them a look

Give me your patreons too to check out!


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I realized that while the invite was good for 25 uses it was only valid for one day. Sorry bout that!


Are you looking to meet new artist friends? Share you artwork, ocs, and worldbuilding? We're a small group of people that enjoy socialising on a consistent basis. We're pretty laid back and welcoming, but also open and honest when it comes to critique, or general attitude. I felt extending an invite would be especially beneficial to all of us now, given UK is going into another lockdown for a month. Who knows who's next.

General idea of the group:

Daily chats

Art shares/critique

Sharing tutorials and inspiration

Limited political chats if they do come up but the overall alignment tends to be the same and accepting of people and their liberties.

Chatting shit, mutual betterment and sending funny gifs and videos

Game discussions and more

18+ given as most of us are in our 20s and 30s.

I limited current invite to 25 uses, so feel free to hop in and introduce yoruself if you feel this server sounds like something you'd like to be a part of. Thanks!

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Can't wait to disect this animation frame by frame

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Hi guys!

Let me just get to the point. I know for the longest time that Eclipse has been failing to notify me of a lot of journals from artists I follow, and other posts that aren't deviations. Althought I can't be certain a lot of images have not been missing from my notifications as well.

Now today I suddenly got a bunch of notifications as old as early June. Anyone else experienced that? I am so sorry if I'm missing out on your work. I definitely see much less stuff, and while I'm sure some people have moved on to other platforms, I do believe a lot are just being failed by the system, plus if they do move how will I tell if I can't get a journal about it either right?

Let me know! Kinda hoping this sudden chance means it will be more normal but who knows.


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