(excluding dishwasher) Dirty dishes go:
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In the sink
Next to the sink
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By Sythgara
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Both. If it's messy in the sink. But not so many that the sink over flows.
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If they aren't being washed right away (preferred situation), I like to have dishes rinsed of all food residue and then set into the tub next to the sink to await being sanitized with soap in water so hot that I'm the only one who can tolerate it. I despise dishes being stacked in the sink. It usually ends up making the sink filthy because the food isn't washed off and then I can't use the sink for things like draining pasta in the strainer.

Could just be that I'm so picky about it because I have several odd OCDs concerning the kitchen, dishes, and cleanliness. :-D
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I do both though really :P
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I'm not the only person living in my house, and I have never been. Blocking access to the sink because of my dirty dishes, or someone else blocking my access to the sink because of their dirty dishes, is a huuuuuuge no.
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Putting the dishes in the sink is a tactical move against your future self, because them being in the sink denies you use of the sink until you put them in the dishwasher to get cleaned.
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I prefer to rinse and set on the counter just because I'm a germophobe. I hate them sitting in the sink all together, getting germy and gross after water has been run a time or two. It also cuts down on the smell to not soak in water and food particles. If something must soak, I sit it alone in the sink and wash it quickly after.
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I just clean them immediately I am a dummy!
or, if they dried off quickly, I put them in the sink for a moment and pour some water for easier cleaning :B
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Honeslty? both, like really messy dishes or things filled with water to soak go in the sink but not as messy or sharp things go next to it.
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Fair enough : ) It's all sink for me personally. Means I need to wash it so it doesn't fill up :P I can understand sharp stuff tho.
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