Where are you most active nowadays?

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Send me some links to check out. Twitter? Insta? FA? I'm kinda over tumblr so I'm not there much at all.

For me I think it's patreon that I've been trying to pay most attention to and post early access and extras. Having that time limit keeps me productive, and accountable.

After that it's probably twitter; all the while I wait for a new DA competitor that will have galleries rather than endless feed you'll never catch up on. I'd love to be more on insta but the fact they ruin image quality has been a major deterrent for me. Now that I speak of it I remembered there's an open source clone I made an account and forgot about called pixelfed. It seems to work a bit like mastodon with the different instances. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to those. I am curently on social as that was the only thing back then.

Here's some of my links if anyone wants to give them a look






Give me your patreons too to check out!


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for me? Furaffinity because it has a cleaner look,

DA is just a mess, Twitter is just horrible to try to follow an artist on, i hate that place for that purpose.

Also why does your FA link lead to twitter?

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I have no idea why : o And that's why I want some new website to open up that is a DA contender, not another feed where stuff dissapears into the void. I know there's art station but for a portolio site I find this page to be even more of a mess than DA

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yeah, sadly not many options these days. You do what youthink is best for you