Sudden journal/poll/status influx. Anyone else?

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By Sythgara
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Hi guys!

Let me just get to the point. I know for the longest time that Eclipse has been failing to notify me of a lot of journals from artists I follow, and other posts that aren't deviations. Althought I can't be certain a lot of images have not been missing from my notifications as well.

Now today I suddenly got a bunch of notifications as old as early June. Anyone else experienced that? I am so sorry if I'm missing out on your work. I definitely see much less stuff, and while I'm sure some people have moved on to other platforms, I do believe a lot are just being failed by the system, plus if they do move how will I tell if I can't get a journal about it either right?

Let me know! Kinda hoping this sudden chance means it will be more normal but who knows.


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evangeline40003Professional Writer

Sometimes in the activity notification I get a ton of old ones, sometimes ones I have never seen and ones that I've deleted reappear a week later. It's super frustrating and over all I have a hard time finding journals everyone who I watch posts. I look at the section for it but only see journals from 5 different deviants... I hope they are not filtering who we can see from the people we follow T___T as for Eclipse killing it, I was making a living off of my commissions and since the switch, I have not sold a single commission. The system here how it works has been making a terrible impact. I can't believe it. It's hard for me to see others stuff as it is for them to see my own :(

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meiyueStudent Digital Artist

Ah that's interesting. Now that you mention it, I've noticed that some deviations show up in the front page "deviants you watch" section but then not in my inbox. It's really confusing :/ I've also noticed the number of views my things get seems to be much less under mandatory eclipse. Kind of sad :(

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LittleHybridShilaHobbyist Digital Artist

The new design is so buggy I've given up trying to make sense of it.

I've noticed my watch page sometimes switches over to showing deviations only. Maybe that's why it may appear to you that journals aren't there?

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SythgaraProfessional Digital Artist

Sometimes maybe. But i did get an occasional journal. When I used to still switch to old version I could see all that I've missed.

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LittleHybridShilaHobbyist Digital Artist

It's so annoying it doesn't tell you how many unread/unanswered notifications you have any more. That would usually keep track of if you missed anything.

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DemonML Digital Artist


same here

same with notifications

I have to leave and return to (yes actually leave the page, not just refresh) the Notifications page in order to actually get all of my notifications - sometimes as many as 4 or 5 times

I've also noticed deviations from artists I watch not showing up until a day or 2 later

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SythgaraProfessional Digital Artist

This is annoying. And I got few even earlier journals in my watch list. Sad to see things falling apart man. And people missing out on exposure due to it.

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