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Fingolfin challenges Morgoth @ the gate of Angband


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Fingolfin challenges Morgoth @ the gate of Angband


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1001 Knights

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Calm Presence

digital fantasy

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Nymr Trot WIP


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Az portrait

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2018 Commissions 1 and 2

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Scerpian threat

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Of the Silver Fuller

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Refining/editing /background voice over tutorial

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+Bottled Up+

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Exploring the Forest

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Crow's Eye


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Timetale - Chapter 02 - Part II - Page 61


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Passage to the dark side


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The Tale of the Nine


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Thunderdome (Extended)


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Anatomy of a Dragon

anatomy refs

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So You Wanna Make Some Merch...

So You Wanna Make Some Merch... A brief overview about the different printing and merchandise options I've come across. by kabocha ( :star: An original article by kabocha ( Originally Published Sept 17, 2010; Updated June 9, 2016 New additions to the list have been marked. If you've ever been to a convention... :bulletred: Preparing for the Artist Alley can be a little stressful.  There are so many questions, such as: What kind of artwork should I do? What kind of merchandise sells well? How am I going to display my stuff? Where am I going to get this all done...?! :bulletred: The first three questions are a little tricky t


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Black Queen Process


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Seventh Ring: Part 1 - Sold

Chapter 1: Sold New Earth, 418 A.C. (After Contact) "We'll start the bidding off at 100 credits!" Ari shifted uncomfortably in her seat as the auction began. The fan she'd crafted out of the event's flier was starting to crumple  between her fingers and become less and less useful the faster she moved her arm. The heat of the sun above them was unbearable,  despite how early in the afternoon the auction was scheduled. It didn't help that the tight leather corset that hugged her middle was making it harder for her to breathe and shed the heat her body was emitting. A long, cream-colored dress  kept her legs hot while a wide, flowery bonne


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Magic Effects Tool Presets.tpl


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Quiet Harbor Minimal Wallpaper


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Wing-Hound Adoption: closed

ref sheets

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Chapter 8, Panel 9


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