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What lies beyond the border

By Sythgara
Ancient gods perhaps? A new world, or knowledge long lost? Are they worth the leap?

This marks the first step for me off the land of Nysera as far as worldbuilding goes. Something got into me that I had to draw something on a large scale, mysterious and intimidating, and ocean seemed to fit the bill.

Critters belong to me
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CarolineKangas's avatar

I like how the two smaller creatures gave it a better sense of scale.

I kind of hope that little dude doesn't swim to close.

Sythgara's avatar

He should be smart enough not to. Let's hope

VoidChrysalis's avatar
I love how the blurriness of the giant creature in the background adds to the sense of depth. 
AuthorEmilyBlue's avatar
Underwater stuff spooks me, but I love a good spook. This is amazing. I love the scale of everything.
TsuriaDragon's avatar
I hate dark underwater especially when there's giant sea creatures D: terrifies me to death ;~;
Dentlos's avatar
We're gonna need to build a huge wall for this, and the sea monsters are going to pay for it.
ChronostheViolinist's avatar
DaHAAAAAANG this is cool! I love the perspective and how BIG the creature ahead seems. Plus distance blur. That's a really cool thing that I have yet to figure out.
Oh and under water.
Anyway! XD
This is super cool!
Sythgara's avatar
Thanks. It was something I haven't done either so had to study some refs and experiment :)
ChronostheViolinist's avatar
Ooh, nice! Looks really good!
bluewingfairy's avatar
You're very welcome❤️😊, how are you?.
Sythgara's avatar

I'm doing well. Keeping busy with work, drawing , writing and other things : ) you?

bluewingfairy's avatar
I'm doing good!, Thank you:hug:
Sythgara's avatar

Hey thanks. Hope things are well on your end. Haven't seen you in a while. :)

beastofoblivion's avatar
Things are pretty good, just super busy!
LittleHybridShila's avatar
This triggers my Megalophobia xD
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning friend, whoa, awesome!!!!!!!. 
Sythgara's avatar

Hey! Thank you ^^

aHungryCarnotaurus's avatar
scp 3000 first sighting
deathking12's avatar
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOPE. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope. Sooooooooo Much Nope!!!
b1k's avatar
That is a scary sight.
Temorah's avatar
This is amazing well done, love the scale :)
Br0wnieDraws's avatar
Very intimidating! Love the vibe this gives off and the sheer size of your creature. Definitely don't want to run into it while swimming xD
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