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Sisu drawn to concept + video is up

By Sythgara
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I have to say I was super stoked to see the original concept art we got and wanted to see it realised in 3d. I was disappointed with that tatty look she's got going. Unless she ends up getting her shine back later on but who knows.

Edit: Video is now up!
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The concept version looks really cool. But the new version also seems attractive to me. I have no particular disappointment. If she "becomes" a design version of the storyline, it will be even cooler. We will be able to see the concept in 3D.

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I was very disappointed to see her look so plain in the trailer, the earlier design had much more depth, still cant get over with the fact they discarded it lol

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i think that the new design actually fits her better.

i think that the old design is just to much. i mean she said she is not supposed to be the "best dragon". An over the top design like that wouldnt fit her character. But i agree, it would be kinda cool as a "final form" kinda thing. Maybe after she gets the magic orn thing they are searching for.

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Disney animators are not taking risks anymore, they're developing same face syndrome :shakefist::|

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You'd think it'd be easier to avoid it with a dragon :p

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I think Sisu looked like on the concept... in the past. She has aged.

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She looks so pretty with the original concept than the final concept. But why they changed?

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I'm as clueless as everyone esle

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She looks so much prettier with the original concept and looks like a real dragon, I just don't understand why Disney tone down her design.

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Thank you! Yeah not sure.

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NEVER show the audience concepts before the final design. High chance the concepts looks better than the finish product.

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What movie is this from?

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Raya and the last dragon

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Even with the lower pics edits I feel like its the worst dragon design so far :`D

Looks like a baby of Sullivan from monsters inc and Elsa... :S Had such hopes for the movie since it had an original own story but the dragon kills it for me xD

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The trailer overall looks fun and actiony. I did see some of the elsa and sulli memes tho hehe

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Looks much much better with old design!!

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Also, this is like an insane edit, I almost thought it was the movie itself lol

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Thank you! I've been working on getting better even if I post less. Can't wait to post my next piece :)

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Excited to see it!

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Totally agree!! I hope they save that design for some point in the film.

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