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By Sythgara
Developed among other failed experiments, it has now adapted to our world.

Not really creative with titles this evening. It's been fun to work on : ) And yea I know those jellyfish aren't exactly common, but heck.

Creatures used: octopus, mole-rat, frilled shark, wheel bug, and some quadruped.
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Congrats! Featured in
and in Ancient Beast official website gallery [link]
Purple-Cake's avatar
Wow, I'm glad this isn't real. I'd never set foot in the water again.

Nice job!
nina1326's avatar
Awesome! I love the creature it's really interesting. And I really like the glow of the jellyfish, and the color! :heart:
wafflewarriorthe3rd's avatar
dude this is awesome...
Sythgara's avatar
x-Ongaku-x's avatar
Very creative work, great stuff
SlightlySkitzo's avatar
Its a mish-mash to make an unlikely predator, if this was FB i woulda clicked "Like".
meganbednarz's avatar
The light on this is so mysterious and epic.
Abreu-FAU's avatar
Just plain awesome! =-D
hinxlinx's avatar
Interesting, nice lighting. :)
goldenhybrid's avatar
looks kinda like the thing off cloverfield but made 100 times awesomer
griffsnuff's avatar
THIS is so cool 8D
Sythgara's avatar
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Awesome pose + awesome design +sweet background = Awesome Awesomness! :la:
Sythgara's avatar
thank you much ^^
Nina-13draco's avatar
no problem *goes to sneak around your Gallery*
khalamea's avatar
awesome design, I definitely like where you went with the head.
Shadows-dragon's avatar
I really really really don't want to swimming if this guy is anywhere the beach I'm at!!!
Sythgara's avatar
*jaws theme song is on*
Shadows-dragon's avatar
must svvim fasta! *paddles away madly*
BJPentecost's avatar
Fantastic work. :)
fckwiththestars's avatar
come on and listen to the mole rap
BlkBullet23's avatar
Love that head design.
I also like the way the jellys illumainate your creature.
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