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DeadlySyns- 97

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(crawls out of a hole, wheezing) Finally, I made it! I'm on holiday in no-internet world again and hoo boi
- We're taking a more relaxed turn for a few pages- I felt they deserved it :)
- Oh no wait that's not looking great hm.
- I SO wanted to spoil Blisters evolution to the people who got early viewings but I felt you'd appreciate it more with the dramatic reveal. I love him ;w;
- You probably figured out my thought-process when designing him. The different eye colours make more sense now huh
- To all the people commenting on the legs joke, I was hollering thank you for the validation
- Syn joins a biker gang :D
- Bikers always seem to be portrayed badly so I'm bringing an end to that stereotype- they can be good people too! (also i like the aesthetic kind of a lot and want Syn to have some good valid leather-clad bros)
- I also had to draw motorbikes tho so it's bittersweet rip


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"I am the legs"

That is the most vaguely threatening and amazing thing i have ever heard XD

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as it should be uwu

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I wanna see the AU where Syn is adopted by this biker gang and she just roams Kanto being menacingly nice to people

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honestly i am trying so hard to write that scenario in

it's what she deserves u_u

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I absolutely love this page! The Evolution of Blister is just glorious and the joke was A+++!!

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Love your bikers! And congrats on Blister!

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You're welcome

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My dad is actually part of a pretty good Motorcycle Club so I'm a fan of this page

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i'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Getting control of the legs in exchange for possibly never becoming a dodrio is a chance I’m willing to take
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"The Legs" is one of my new favorite characters

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i loooove the bikers. most i've met IRL are p cool ppl, so it's so refreshing to see them being cool here too.

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yeah same! more good representation for bikers please

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Holy Arceus, I needed this bright spot this morning. Messenger Laughing Tears emoji Blister is up there with Spooks as my new fave. Just wow.

Also, I like the biker gang, the looks, the Houndoom bike, all of it. Kudos.

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ha, I'm glad you enjoyed it- he's a lot of fun to write!

And thank you!!

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That is the best Dodrio I have ever senn in my entire life
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