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Deadly Syns- 95

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Time to cool off after last week, I think
- Daisy has gone home, but at least we still have consolation fox. Kindle is very warm and gives good hugs.
- I didn't really show it obviously in the writing, but she's not too pleased about leaving Abrus either. She's just more accepting of Syns reasoning and, well. She's not Shox.
- As for the rest of the team, in case you were wondering: Rain sided with Syn, Brick is neutral and probably just wants to avoid conflict, Icarus doesn't really care and has no opinions (unsurprisingly), and Spooks is just glad they let him outside lmao
- In other news, some introductory doduo lore from our new friend! He's a little odd but a lot of fun to write and I like drawing him too
- Not much to say that's not discussed in the page really. He's fine with they pronouns too, if you prefer~
- Look who's back already (grumpy face)

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It's ok he's just in quarantine for a while because he's at high risk of good boy disease

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You better apologize, Shox, or I swear to God I'm going to piledrive you into the nearest trashcan!
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Oh jeez please do

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Oh my gosh I adore the Doduo lore, that's so cool!

Also I love the panels of the Pokemon off doing their own things, that was super cute~

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Wahh thank you!!

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I'm the left brain I'm the left brain (F2U) - music notes border

I won't be able to NOT think of that song with Blister around ^^;

Really like the dou-head canon (puns!), great explanation there!

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lksdjfgh thanks

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Kindle is so good and sweet ahhh ;v;

Doduo and Dodrio SCIENCE. I love it. Blister seems like a really fun character to write haha~

SHOX. BE NICE or you're going back to the time out corner!!! >:U

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Ah thank you!! Yeah Blister's grown on me a lot since introducing him and I enjoy writing him a lot, ha

Shox pretty much lives in the time-out corner at this point tbh

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This baby needs all the love and support. I don't know why but Syn has become one of my fave Nuzlocke protags. Something about her just vibes with me and I want to be her friend

Sandslash impaling berries is hilarious to me. It looks like such a pain to eat with those hands

I love your Doduo concept!!! The personalities/dynamic between the two heads reminds me a lot of my own Doduo, but it's really cool that they're still technically one entity

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Aw heck thanks so much! Means a lot to hear that and I'm so glad you think so <3

Brick's slowly getting used to those claws. Still the one regretting evolution the most though rip

And thanks haha

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Don't do it Syn, he's trying to bully you! >m<

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-Places Shox gently in the incinerator

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The doduo explanation is really cool!! Having Blister discuss that gives a good introduction to them, too. And, it's all a nice beat/ transition into the next conversation with Shox.

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Thank you! It was a pretty last second idea actually, but I feel like it settles him in nicely. Glad you enjoyed it!

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I LOVE Blister's back and forth with himself lol.

Also, I'm not sure what Spooks is doing but my first impression is that he's just trying really hard to find some shadows in all the sunlight. :3

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Thanks, ha

That or he's just discovered tree bark and is a lot more excited about it than he should be lmao

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Head a is my spirit animal sorry I call dibs

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Head A is everything we should aspire to be tbh

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Shox is processing it his own way by being a little BITCH.

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This made me laugh out loud, thank you

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I literally can’t agree more

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