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Hi I’m Dingo and I’m REALLY WEIRD.

You most likely know me from my nuzlocke comic, which will probably end my life but sometimes you have to make these sacrifices.

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Updates: My laptop is ok, also patreon

Updates: My laptop is ok, also patreon

Hey, so as you may know my laptop's been in the computer hospital for a while, and returned safe and well on tuesday. Just went in for a checkup and a clean so nothing major, but I gave them my external harddrive too since I was having trouble with it and basically it's completely fucked. I didn't lose any data thankfully but that's 1TB of storage down the drain rip Spending a week without my laptop and not thinking about comic deadlines etc. was kinda refreshing in some ways- though I'm glad to have it back haha (last weeks update from the memory stick was not a pleasant experience and while I seem to have overcome that problem I was also an absolute genius and only decided to put one page onto it so Wednesday was almost cancelled this week oops) This whole situation has sorta got in the way of me setting up my patreon too, since I was going to finish sorting all that stuff out for the 1st but obviously that couldn't happen with no access to my files. I'm slowly rolling stuff out

I'm still here

I'm still here

Yeah I'm hanging around,, not going anywhere- I can make this work but hey, I've already shared my opinions on eclipse- I'm not here to talk about that. Firstly, for those of you who are jumping ship and want to find me elsewhere- some links for you (though I'm mostly active here so sorry): My other comic platforms- ComicFury Nuzlocke Forums (ComicFury is very good, I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a new site, especially for nuzlockes etc.) Other links- Twitter Instagram I will respond on these but I'm also very dead in terms of posting etc. and I don't check them nearly as regularly as other places. Kofi- Currently setti
hot take: eclipse isn't even that bad

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Did deadly syns come about from a nuzlocke challenge while playing pokemon?

What would you call the study of Dingo's Deadly Syn Nuzlocke?


my god i just remembered you did this whyyy (but also thank you the maths puns are still very much appreciated dfsjlgh)

I syncerely apologize for all these puns

It's rather insyndious of me to do such a thing

What is a Dingo's favorite place to go for vacation?

On a beach in Syngapore

Dingo's are rather devilish animals.

Some would say they are


Forgive me, Dingo

For I have synned