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COM :parasolhyena:
Irene awoke from her nap and rolled over in her king sized bed, expecting to see Moose by her side. As she allowed her eyes to adjust to the soft glow of the string lights overhead, Irene was shocked to find the space beside her cold and empty. She placed a paw on the other side of the bed and, from the cold untouched sheets, surmised Moose had never come up in the first place. Irene let out an annoyed sigh as the contentedness from her nap evolved into grouchiness. The pair had only gotten back from the mortal world that morning after one of their longer missions.
The Goddess of Forest and Fate was pleased with Irene’s most recent technological advances, so she and Moose anticipated not going back to the mortal world for a few weeks. In that time, Irene promised Moose to spend more time with her, so her absence bothered Irene even more. She padded out of their bedroom and made her way down the hall, tentatively checking the rooms as she went. There was no sign of Moose on the se
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COM - Adincheiju427 [2/2]
Adin could feel his eyes watching her. The all seeing maroon eyes of Akashi Seijuro, her new neighbor from across the street, seemed to find Adin no matter where she was. His lingering stare caused the hair on the back of Adin’s neck to stand up and she unconsciously pulled her pastel sweater closer to her body. Ever since the first time they met his presence felt like it was all around her. She snatched the mail from the mailbox and meekly made her way back inside her new home.
Adin and her family moved to the town of Knives, Washington five days earlier. Her father, Hanada Suron, was transferred from the Tokyo division of his company to Washington’s. He, along with Akashi Masaomi, were to be the new CEO’s of the Washington sector. In less than a month Adin and her four siblings were forced to pack their entire lives into boxes and leave behind all they’d ever known to move to America. Her father had assured Adin that she would love Knives and make new friends
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COM - Adincheiju427 [1/2]
Adin rested her head on Akashi’s shoulder, her rosy-brown hair flowed over his jacket like an ink spill. Adin’s left arm lay limp at her side and her palm faced the ceiling, fingers resting on the floor. There was a metallic tang in the air from the blood running down Adin’s arm. It seeped across the white tile floor of the drugstore Adin and Akashi sought refuge in and blossomed out into the aisle. Adin faded in and out of consciousness from blood loss while Akashi was wide awake, his maroon eyes kept a vigil over both Adin and the window of the drugstore.
Akashi looked at the broken window and recalled the events that led them here:
“Akashi, watch out!” Adin’s voice was shrill and piercing in the air. The change from her normal soft and low tone made Akashi whip around abruptly. Behind him a herd of walkers was breaking through the forest.
“I thought we lost them!” Akashi’s eyes grew wide as he stumbled backwards, falling to th
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What Happens In the Alps
What Happens In the Alps
"How much longer do we have to wait?" Natasha asked her partner in an exasperated voice. She looked through the scope of her rifle to make sure their target was still in sight. After waiting and hearing no response Natasha turned around, concerned something might have happened to her companion.
What she didn't expect was a snowball to hit her square in the face.
Natasha's face turned almost as red as her hair. Trying to control her voice and temper she wiped the snow off her face. "Clint." She said, her voice low and threatening.
Before Clint could even blink she had made a snowball of her own, giving him barely enough time to duck before the frozen mass whizzed past his head and bounding off a tree in the distance. "Whoa! Tasha, careful with those things!" he said as he ducked once more.
"Hey, I didn't start this!" she declared, an arsenal of snowballs already in her arms.
In response Clint hid behind a wide tree trunk. He grabbed both their rucksacks a
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Hey guys!

I haven't been active on here since last summer (WOW), but commissions are officially open now until January 2019 while I take a semester off from college and take classes part-time closer to home. Since I'm moving back home for a few months and will have to contribute to additional bills I'll need all the petty cash I can get.

Information is in the journal below! Feel free to message for questions :D

Commissions Info (OPEN)Paypal and point commissions are open because I need money!
I only have a few writing samples in my gallery since the rest are out-dated and I feel as if they're a poor representation of my work. However, there are links to my AO3, FF and Ficwad account on my profile if you're curious for more. Feel free to message me as well for further samples.
Thanks guys!
Story Types
:bulletpink: Drabbles (100-1,000 words)
:bulletpink: One-Shots (1,000-10,000 words)
:bulletpink: Chaptered (10,000-unlimited)
:bulletblue: Fanfiction (with or without OCs)
:bulletblue: Original Fiction
:bulletblue: Crossovers (with or without OCs)
Fandoms *Some not listed so feel free to message me
:bulletpurple: = Comfortable
:bulletpink: = Familiar
Bones :bulletpurple:
Blue Bloods :bulletpurple:
Code Lyoko [Bullet; Pink]
Codename: Kids Next Door [Bullet; Pink]




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