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The STAN-d off

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Published: November 10, 2015
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all credit for the title goes to that one tumblr user who put this in the tags. iluvyou youunderstandme

I live for cruddy puns, so share the suffering.
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satamfanHobbyist Artist
I Pine for some better jokes, but all I get are unFordgivable puns that I am unMable to Stan-d.
It's unBillievable that we've Dipper'ed so low. Waddle they think of next? Time only gnomes.
These Blandin jokes don't Stan-leave me particularly Gleeful. McGuck this noise and pun abSoos, I'm outta here.
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Supergeek-110Hobbyist Artist
Hmm, Stanford, that name rings a Ma-BELL! (Yes I know that's not how Mabel is spelled)
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But... what if it was
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Dipper:*trying to figure the password for the computer* Mmm,What does the F STAN-FORD
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SystemEmotionsHobbyist Digital Artist
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I was actually wonder that when I realized that It was a pun :D

Don't y'a mean...Mice One?Llama Emoji-50 (Whistling) [V3] 
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SkaleighaStudent Digital Artist
I should not be laughing as hard as I am right now...
Come on Ford. What ever happened to Ford-give and Ford-get?
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CartoonChick927Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱
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SystemEmotionsHobbyist Digital Artist
*angry Ford noises*
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I don't under STANd...
(I think Jordan's been here...Jordan is shocked Jordan is disturbed Jordan blowing a kiss(Gif) Jordan is frustrated Jordan is sad ) If you don't under STANd (I had to) don't FORDget to check out this site.
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Moon15lightHobbyist General Artist
gosh stop I'm laughing like hell xD
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Why? You won't STANFORD my puns?
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Moon15lightHobbyist General Artist just that I know A LOT of PUNnumenal people...and I always laugh
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mlplovergirl500Hobbyist Digital Artist
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aleenajulien1230Hobbyist Digital Artist
How PUNny!
Though Ford thinks it's PUNishment!
Their are so adoraBILL!
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ToastyCosplayProfessional General Artist
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Yells at Stan and ford: Dorkssssss!...but seriously if you don't hug it out or I'm going to kill Stan
(Stan: woah what! Why me!?
Me: becuase it works in the fanfics that's why and don't worry you never die for long there's a 90% chance you'll come back completely the same with no problems whatsoever.
Stan: and the other 10%?
Me: you may or may not be a ghost, a demon, or turned into a 9 year old...give or take...if you don't actually die that is.
Stan: 0_o ....I'm done. I'm just done and know you guys scare the sh*** out of me.
Me: that!...doesn't surprise me in the least)
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snuffleuppagusHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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JellyHorsieHobbyist Digital Artist… sorry i just thought this kinda matched up :P
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GetTheCrapOfMeHobbyist Artist
I LOVE PUNS!!!Bill Cipher .:wanna make a deal?:. 
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i dont get the last pun ?!?!??
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