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Until Vines Grow Their Name

There is a rumor that somewhere there is a sword in the stump, and whoever would get that sword, would be granted with great might. It wouldn't even be hard to pull that sword out from the old tree stump. Unfortunately nobody has ever got past the guardian frog. And those who have lived, have been too afraid to ever tell what exactly makes a frog so frightening.

¤ Pencil and watercolors. Random idea which I absolutely had to make.


New  I have this available as prints. Please see here for more info. I ship worldwide (within possible current local limitations.) (This comment was added in 2021.)
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Amazing illustration, these details are just stunning! 
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Nice! Also, wish there was a full story about this.
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I'm very curious about the frog now lol!
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I don't even know myself. :'v
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Love the colours and the light effect shining upon the guardian! I'm more terrified of the being that stuck the sword into the stump - by the looks of it the force splintered it at the middle. On the other hand, everyone would underestimate a frog.

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Makes cry 
Its beautiful
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Wow, es increíble! 💖
the croak that knows no bounds!!
awesome picture!!
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I thought of something hilarious for why the frog might be so frightening, but it's too lowbrow, so I'll just say this is beautiful art. : )
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You're welcome. : )
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Onpas nätti. :heart: Tykkään tosi paljon sun vesiväritöistä. Nyt tekee iteki mieli maalata jotain. :]
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Kiitos! Maalaaminen on varsin jees tekniikka sitten kun pääsee kiinni siihen hiukan.
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i love this XD
plus your pretty and awesome art = perfect <3
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Thanks! Beware of frogs. :v
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i will. This made me realize how dangerous they are D:
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Tha Mighty Froeg. B< Ja yee, siitä tuli hieno. Taka-alan lehtiefekti (eli nähtävästi lyhennettynä "lefti", ku kirjotin ensin niin...) on hieno. Toki etualan lehdetkin on hienoja. So is da smiling hevosjäänne. Ja kannon tekstuuri. Jajajaja........
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It very mighty. B< Tässä maailmassa ei kannata aliarvioida sammakoita jotka kököttää random asioiden päällä hyvin määrätietoisina.
Waittiz.exe has stopped working. :v Kiitos kehuista senki sulkapallo, tykkään itekin mitä tuli saatua aikaan.
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