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The Coldest Night


No living soul was awake during that freezing night. Snow had covered shores but the water was still flowing freely, thick icy mist floating in the horizon. After several mildy cold weeks, the temperature had dropped and sudden coldness had silenced the world.
If anybody would have been there, they'd have seen something shuddering.
A huge skeletal shape walked slowly across the lake. With each step it took, the water froze instantly with a crackling sound. The air surrounding it solidified and vaporated, creating a freezing flow. It had no voice other than the sound of constantly freezing surroundings, the crisp sound of ice dropping from its body. It had a name, those who knew, and its name was Silence.


Silence had made it debut six years ago and then just developed behind the scenes. Silence is one of those less funny postcreated creatures. Silence is a heat sink. It freezes everything around it. All heat, all energy just vanishes in touch of it. (Rumors tell that somewhere in the world is a postcreated which then emits heat seemingly out of nowhere - Silence's counterpart.) Just its surroundings are shivering and even touching it by bare hands kills any creature made of blood and flesh when all warmth is drawn out of them at instant. Silence is, however, pretty aloof and has never shown aggression towards anybody. Its mind is pretty hollow, known to shown just mild curiosity and slight compassion.

¤ Pencil and watercolors.
...Just now when thinking of it, Silence is pretty much like reverse your-regular-nature-spirit-huge-deer-creature.


New  I have this available as prints. Please see here for more info. I ship worldwide (within possible current local limitations.) (This comment was added in 2021.)
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Gloomy, morbid, but fascinating.
Sysirauta's avatar
I shall now use this description when someone asks me that how are you. :v
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Hey, I remember that guy, I was very interested in that story back them, and also in the drawing, one of my favorites.

It's nice you are still drawing those weird and interesting creatures called poscreated. 
Sysirauta's avatar
Sure I am, where they'd ever go anymore.
Nexumorphic's avatar
Ghostly. I especially enjoy how the mist shrouds the rest of the lake.
Sysirauta's avatar
Thanks. Background is based on real life experience.
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Beautiful work! It makes me feel chilly just looking at it.
Sysirauta's avatar
Thanks! I meant to do that.
riverraptor12's avatar
This sends shivers down my spine just looking at.
Sysirauta's avatar
Thanks, it has done its purpose then.
Something-Gay's avatar
Oh that is so wicked! The lake and sky are beautiful, I aspire to make art like this one day
Sysirauta's avatar
Thanks! It's a good goal.
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Amazing work!
Nexsusriina001's avatar
Very beautiful ! I love the colors you used and the design looks intimidating, but cool !
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Silence is just absolutely stunning. Gorgeous work. Go hiontach ar fad!
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Thanks. Just that last sentence was incomprehensible.
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