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That thing.

Guess who's back. Or something. I had sudden "I need to draw Pride just right now" -moment.
So here is that thing.

20 minute sketch. This skeletal lanternface metal cluster queer is mine.
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Ol Spindley Wicker Legs, as handsome as yesterday. It's so good to see Pride again! =D I really like your style in this one, more roughly-textured than usual which has lovely results. The values are also nice: very light, very dark. What kind of pencil do you use? 

(Now I'm curious how he and Problem would get along? Plenty of magenta to go around, that's for sure!)
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He's back and even more during next year. I just have a feeling that he's planning something. (It's like that he's laughing somewhere in my head. And he laughs rarely. Something hopefully good will happen but it's also worrying when it's Pride who the first to be amused. :v )
I have my 0.5mm mechanical pencil and HB leads. Like the basic of the most basic. This kind of thing. Particularly good as it has lasted I don't even know how long. It's second I have, the first got lost years ago.

(Pretty well. Problem would amuse Pride with his expressive reactions and stuff. Even if Problem would be up to a bit more serious discussions than Will, for Pride he'd be much off a Will 2.0.)
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WILL 2.0. Hahaha! Pride's got enough patience to handle your vayrons, I'm sure, maybe even Erfal. It's amazing how different worlds bring about such distinct character sets. =D I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings in terms of art!

(I've been using the same pencil for over a decade now and am sniffing around for a new model, as I've heard that's a fun way to mix things up. Twist-erase by Pentel, I'll give this a try-- thank you!)
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I love the sketchiness
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Always loving to see this pink coffee-addict.
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I have a strong feeling that everybody will see him more during next year.
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O hai pikaYlpeys. o7
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*he says "hi" back*
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