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Sorcerer's Family

Completely normal salkahi family with mother, father, daughter and....rather huge skull faced monster.
Well okay, the last thing doesn't usually belong to your dream family.

Same family as seen previously here, here and here.
Even if Sympathy is less dangerous than an average hamster*, it doesn't make Vinna any less nervous. Even if she has a kind husband, nice daughter, and overall nice house to live in...just this all supernaturality which comes with it, is sometimes really overwhelming. Anybody else doesn't have to deal with part-of-it-looks-like-dead -pets or walking furnitures**. Veriki understands this, and tries making her feel as comfortable as possible, and puts everything even remotely dangerous out of reach***. Luckily Javiki, their daughter, is all cool and comfortable with anything and everything supernatural.

¤ Pencil, copics, opaque white. Original is A4. Yes I used some good time with this. I draw these guys a way too rarely, they look different every time. Javiki used to be a boy but ??? she's not anymore, she just decided this when I was drawing this. Javiki is still a boy's name amongst salkahis but never mind.
Sympathy, postcreated creatures and salkahi species are mine.

*A hamster doesn't hurt that much if it rolls over you, though. But they bite harder.
**Like just this stool with red upholstery she's sitting on. Its name is Sir Softbottoms the Third. Javiki named it.
***Do not blow into that horn. Like, ever. It might call some Really Troublesome Things. Just maybe. Let's not try.


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Are they a original specie?
Ribbontail's avatar
Domestic scenes from Enneanres are always my favorite! So good to see this family again, at home and in beautifully-rendered detail. Salkahi always struck me as having tiny homes, for tiny folks, so I'm surprised by how big this place is. I imagine they had to do a lot of up-sizing once the Sympathy moved in, haha. It looks so dang overjoyed to be there... "These are my people I like them". So cute, great job Sysi! <3
Sysirauta's avatar
I'm trying to get more of these, too many times without proper scenes. :'v
Yes, regular salkahi homes may have lower ceilings, but because of their normal family size (read: usually like four generations and lots of kids, and some unmarried uncles/aunts, possible adopted child/ren, etc....) they may not be that tiny... :'v Anyway, Veriki's house is a) a huge cluster anyway, this space may be more open spot, there's stairs and indoor balcony on the other side b) looking at the size of those logs, builders were most likely dravenes. Good, because the new "pet" is not that tiny. :'v
Sympathy loves everybody. : D (Well okay, if you're mean to it, it becomes sad.)
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I love this family and their special pet. The house is lovely too! Well done.
Sysirauta's avatar
Thanks! Special pet is a good pet, it doesn't need food even.
Rosewolf86's avatar
You're welcome. Wow that's a cool feature. Wish I could have one too then XD
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Such a lovely family! And they have a really lovely home! (With a really high ceiling, that's fancy!)
Looks like when it comes to art collecting, Veriki (I suspect it's his "fault") is really into collecting ANYTHING with postcreated creatures in them.
Sysirauta's avatar
Anything and everything.
Joku pieni yliluonnollisuutta tunteva kommuuni on aina olemassa ja ne tykkää omistautua asialleen.
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Hyvä kommuuni!
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Holy cow you actually drew the family picture you promised "some" years ago! Good to finally see them together and in the meanwhile your skills skyrocketed so this is reeeally good.
Some completely average observations: I love the many many textures here. I already wanted to compliment you on the Zyreus art but then had no time to live at all and now that I do let me throw this here: You became reaaaally gooood with textures! Wood looks like wood. Metal looks new, rusty, used, whatever you're doing it works and the scene-depth evolved really well too. (Like the candles are so obviously positioned in a "circle" and in front of the wall, not awkwardly merging into it while probably also loosing its round shape. I know this is hard to learn. Spacing out candles in a simulated 3d space is not easy. )
Also the details again: Love the random frog image and the tiny mouse. Aside form that one reason why I always love those images of "common mortals"is the sheer amount of visible culture or world-references. That rug on the ground is Melek, if I'm not mistaken? So that probably has some culture value since his image is abstract. (ooor that was just more interesting to draw than a random pattern. Taus DOES make for a good rug-pattern after all xp)
Speaking of details: "Traditional pictures drawn within a traditional picture" is crazy. These are probably smaller than a half ACEO card but OF COURSE you draw full bodies on them. And backgrounds.
I'm mostly curious about that place with a purple and a green half though. He seems to have seen some...strange things in his life. And his wife surely endures a lot.

I gotta do some harsh criticism though! Or not. But I'm mildly disappointed in those framed pictures of various creatures, though. You know, awesome miniature-art BUT I fully expected GOOD OLD MEDIEVAL ART…
(You know you want to draw your character designs in this beautiful old art style.)
Sysirauta's avatar
Did I? |'D Good thing that you remember what I've said every now and then during past ten years, because I don't. At least characters tend to stay no matter how much time passes.
Thanks man. :> I've finally learnt that maybe looking at some pictures of Actual Wood TM would help at drawing wood like...well, wood. And rocks. And other things. Though chandelier was made with geometry - draw some many ovals, then draw branches with the help of them.
Can you recognize who should own that sword? Yes, this was also a thing where I kept adding details more and more and more and...whoops what I've done. Aaanyway, paintings can be just paintings, but at least Qilin and that flowerdress salkahi lady are actual thing. Some things are what Veriki himself has collected, some are legacy from this house's previous owner, his just-slightly-eccentric great-aunt (who liked to wear stupid flower patterned dresses).

...Daaaamn where were you a couple of weeks ago when I wondered what to draw in those frames, that would've been perfect. :'v I didn't remember that quality art ahaha.
Grimae's avatar
gosh all these details.
You slay me, Moa. 

Also who says a giant skull-faced monster does not belong into my dream family. I<
Sysirauta's avatar
Slaying people with details, my new power hahaha.

Usually, usually. But luckily, some of us have better taste. :v
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Eraili's avatar
This looks awesome *-*
Also nice description of all things there XD
The picture looks really... warm :D Like home or so xD
Sysirauta's avatar
Thanks! Many hours and again let's-learn-to-use-actual-photos-for-environment-colors -later, it became pretty nice. ... Salkahis are drawn without refs, for some reason it's hard to find photos of them. :v
Eraili's avatar
awh nice :D I should study some things like that too.. maybe i will have time now xD

what? No refs of them? Pf, you should have searched harder
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