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Silver Wings and Golden Horns


It was a normal day until I got a random idea about this picture with Zyreus and Fayza. All heil anthropomorphic versions.

Honestly, I enjoyed at making this picture eventhough it's just playing with characters. <3 And a creative try to do something detailed in my personal style.
About the title...the another thing it stands for are those two marks, which I call "Wings" and "Horns".
Anyways, enjoy. Hope you have more creative comments than I...

Liner, ink, coloured pencils, copics, opaque white, some golden and silver pen. I don't have any idea how long this took to make.
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I'm impressed, honestly impressed. Wonderful art!
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u make me chills with that facture... damm...
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You should, it's nice! Great work no the detail especially the draping cloth, I'm horrible at that sort of stuff, lol
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I should now update that artist's comment because this is now in a very good place on my wall. |3
Ascynd's avatar
Hehe excellent!
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This is very beautiful !
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Oh, wow. That's epic.
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I have featured this here: [link]
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Aw man.

Those wings, those colors.

EEEE. :iconexcitedplz:
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Tää näyttää tosi hyvältä. (kateellinen väritykselle) X)
D-e-l-i-a's avatar
It's amazing! I love the colours, there's so many details!
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se on todella tyylikäs ja Zyrre on varsin komea tässä..etten sanoisi...vastustamaton *kuolaa* OvO

Tuota olet vian kovasti laittanut kuvaan...tuota ristiäsi meinaan...ettei sinulla olisi "pakkomielle" laittaa sitä? =,D
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"Miałeś, chamie, złoty róg
miałeś, chamie, czapkę z piór
czapkę wicher niesie
róg huka po lesie
ostał ci się ino sznur
ostał ci się ino sznur!"

~Stanisław Wyspiański, "Wesele"
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Outstanding work on both the anatomy and the colors. Just beautiful. No, no, I don't have very intelligent comments either... ;-)
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Haha. No worries, my replies have not that intelligence...too. :la:
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[without words]
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AMAZING COLORS!!:heart: :la:
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Wow! Wondeful color!
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Wow! The colors and details in this are amazing!
SilvyrKitsune's avatar
amazing. for lack of a better word
Bork-im-a-dork's avatar
Ei oo tottakaan. >___>
Aivan loistava työ. :)

Fayzan pää/kasvot ja asu varsinkin on aivan spektaakkelimaisen upeat.
Tuo kaapu... ._. Just semmoisen näkönen että on saanu miettiä pitkään miten saada näyttämään luontevalta.

Ja väritys ykkösluokkaa kuten aina! :iconthumbsupplz:
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