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She didn't learn THAT from me

Still made on a smart(ass)phone.

Training thingy part 3 for my tyrian Sue. Other two are starter tyrians, Eros and Marvelous. Eros is actually Sue's dad. The thing here is that when Sue was grudgily carrying some crystals in training purposes, Marvelous happened to notice something interesting and snatched one. Sue, being just this level of polite, started to say THINGS to Marv. And Eros, who is actually pretty decent creature, is a bit uh sorry Marvelous that is from her mother.

¤ MediBang Paint program, Sony Android L3, ballpoint pen with a stylus tip, lineart is made with ballpoint pen on a copy paper and then photoed and edited just with the options what a mere phone had. This was also done some time ago.
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I like the orange guy in the corner, with his clueless expression and his oversized ears.

Also, very nicely drawn little crystals.
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Thanks! But out of curiosity, have you ever done any color blindness test because Eros is not very orange honestly. Enchroma has good one:

Guardian-of-Urk's avatar
I have taken those before.

Would you call him... pink?
Salmon flesh colored?
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The expressions are just too good LOL

Sysirauta's avatar

Thanks! Eros may have some regrets now...

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i want to pet one

Sysirauta's avatar

I suggest Eros, I think he won't bite.

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I love how they look like fluffy dragons

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Erosin ilme on A+++ edelleen. v:

Sysirauta's avatar

Eros ei opettanu kielenkäyttöä ihan noin. :v

(Putsaa inboxia taas pienen kertymän jälkeen köhh.)

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I think these turn out amazingly for phone art. I really love the interaction between these characters

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