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Seven Lives

The voice echoed through chambers long since abandoned, on front of the relief long ago shattered:



Once in a blue moon I want draw Pride being cool just for sake of the rule of cool.
About how characters introduce themselves, Pride uses "I am" likely all the time instead of "my name is".

¤ Liners, copics, opaque white paint. DIN A3. I'm well aware that full moons are reoccurring cliché in my art but let's just admit it, three-fourth-quarters -moon wouldn't be that cool at all.


New  I have this available as prints. Please see here for more info. I ship worldwide (within possible current local limitations.) (This comment was added in 2021.)
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I love the background and perspective! :)   Your creatures are great as always^^
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This character is so cool :star: You really know how to use copics well, the colours are amazing! The sky might be my favourite bit :heart:
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Thanks! This sure took good amount of work.
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You're very welcome :)
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Insanely cool piece, Sysi! You took full advantage of Pride's design for this one, showing off his symbolism/numerology as well as the weird flexibility of his design. One of my favorite things about this fella is how his silhouette changes depending on the angle... sleek and devilish from the side, majestic and powerful from the front. It's true: sometimes you have to see something from all angles to fully grasp it!

I have no critiques for this one, overall you did a great job! These larger paintings always blow me away, ohhh my gosh. ;w;
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Thanks dude! I used plenty of time just adjusting colors, background and pretty much everything else digitally before making actual physical piece. And then used another plenty of time just coloring this. :'v
He looks pretty weird from this angle (well I haven't arted him like this before even. :v ) but this also shows how much space he takes. Like, lotta space, but little mass. After all these years, still my favorite character.
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ahh this looks amazing *-*
Pride looks super cool in there >D And i love the window! Or what's left of it xD
the full moon, crosses and the window just fit so well :D
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Thanks! Sometimes ideas hit just right. Here I used pretty much effort, I made a digital mock-up before actual art thing: adjusted colors, crosses into right places, and drew background. Sketch was traditional but digital is helpfulwith big things like this. :v
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yes :D 
and true xD I remember when i sometimes sketched things digitally becausei wasn't able to get the proportions right traditionally xD

Also i nly now noticed the small figures on the stones at the bottom :D <3
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This looks amazing :)
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The design is beautiful and I really love how the light shines on Pride.
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Thanks! I made a digital mock-up before actual traditional coloring. It works well as you can actually try different lights and colors without screwing up actual lineart.
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