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Rodomon Mordeomon refsheet

OC digimon mood continues...
Now lemme show updated Mordeomon and Rodomon. And don't say they look like guinea pigs because they are based on guinea pigs so I kinda know it. xp

Old picture really needed to be changed...


Level: Baby I (Fresh)
Type: Micro
Attribute: free
Name origin: Latin, mordeo = I bite
Little X-Antibody monster with soft fur. It's only technic is hydrogen powered bite. Mordeomons live among Rodomons.

Level: Baby II (In-Training)
Type: Rodent
Attribute: Data
Name origin: Latin, rodo = I gnaw
Also X-Antibody with, always talks with "squeak"s. Rodomon can run surprising fast with its tiny legs under its long fur. Rodomons may look cute but they have bad personality, large group of these monsters works together as one really big bad one. Rodomons protect Mordeomons.

Rodomon (vaccine)*
Level: Baby II (In-Training)
Type: Rodent
Attribute: Vaccine
Name origin: Latin, rodo = I gnaw.
A weird white Rodomon is slightly bigger than common Rodomon. It acts noble, but deeply is like any Rodomon.


Rodomon's basic appearance is that "mouth and legs not seen" but they exist anyway (and Rodomon doesn't like to be upside-down), size difference between common and vaccine, aaand then Mordeomon.
Vaccine-Rodo is a special monster and I don't have any evolution line for it (yet...).

*Story behind this: nothing more and nothing less than a dream I saw a while after I was created common Rodomon. So, in that dream there were manymany Rodomons and among them one a bit bigger, silky white Rodomon which had a bit different markings and colours. It even has very noble squeaks. |D. ... If somebody asks, something like virus type Rodomon doesn't and won't ever exist.

Mordeomon -> Rodomon -> Roosormon -> Rugiiomon -> Rhombohemon -> Cangoremon

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''Morde'' in portuguese means = bite :3
Sysirauta's avatar
Sounds logical, Portuguese is close relative to Latin. :>
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Thats so cute. Can I please please please make a plush. XD XD XD XD XD
Sysirauta's avatar
From my monster for yourself? Well yes, but remember mention that the design is mine if you publish some photos. :>
Spike-Gremlin's avatar
Thank you.:D I promis to mention that the design is from you. :la:
:aww: tui-tui pikkuiset
TheLastHetaira's avatar
D'aww! :love: These are adorable! Also, HOORAY FOR LATIN! :dance:
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Everyone's getting me in the mood to do OC digimon lately. I haven't done them since I was like... 14 or something. But lately ideas keep happening x3

Lovely creatures! They're so fuzzy and cute in a slightly sinister-looking way. xD
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... *syö tuon selällensä kaatuneen* Liian söpö. <3
Sysirauta's avatar
Julmuri. <.< Puputat avuttomia pikku Rodoja.
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Cute! Especially Mordeomon ^_^
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these are great! so cute and very digimon like :D
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That means there´s a vaccine roosormon evoline? ô.o
Sysirauta's avatar
No. Roosormon evolves from common Rodomon, that vaccine...well, I don't know what to do with it. As said, it involved from a random dream. |D
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sooo fluffy ^ ^ !!
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Cute but they libel to chomp your head off. lol.
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