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My Little Hippogriff

...What? |3

Once upon a time these areas were kingdom of the self-conscious hippogriffs. Their species population decreased by time, though, and now this little king will rule their wide areas.

...Until he left to look what's someplace else. His mother and auntie stayed there until the very end.

Zyreus was really adorable child... Fluffy creature with his The Attitude from the very beginning. His mother was pure blooded hippogriff, not any special looking one.
When Zyreus grew up, his fur became shorter and coarse and he didn't have a horse-like mane like pure-blooded ones...but he got nice feather crown and gorgeous long blue tail.

Coloured pencils. I HAD TO draw this. Zyrre was such a pony when very young. |3 ...Yes. These hippogriff foals looks more like some carnivore youngsters than common long-legged horse foals.
...And more random wannabe facts... Hippogriffs' name style: Male had -us ending and females -a ending... (After all it was a quite logical. For example, hellgriffs' names sounded like some very cliché vampire names... They thought it's clever. ¬_¬ )
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MajorCooke's avatar Snowflake might make a great playmate for him. :3

...waaaaaiiiiiit a MINUTE!!! Okay, if he can handle his chaotic methods, he'll do just fine. He only tends to go 'bowling' with those up on high!... and Zyreus is gonna be a king... Oh boy.
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Love it!! The face is priceless. 
Lakrenix's avatar
Me encanta la cabeza y la expresión del pequeño.
Featherthefurry's avatar
alexwarlorn's avatar

I myself have wondered about the existence of Hippocampus and Hippogirffs in the MLP:FiM verse.
This is a spectacular drawing
DappledShadow's avatar
he looks so tough (in a good way... like he is trying to show that he is a strong little hippogriff) :) fav!
Sysirauta's avatar
He had that attitude through his whole life, trying to show off a bit... |>
derlar's avatar
little and amazing!ª
Shaydesmar's avatar
aww... it's so schweet! lovez ^^
psychosomatic-itch's avatar
This is frickin' gorgeous. I'm afraid I'll have to fave.
TigerHawkmon's avatar
Eeeee! Cute! Eeeeeee!
SheeKNS's avatar
:iconboomboomplz: <--- Mi Pc couldn´t resist that extreme cuteness!!! :heart:

Now I want to steal a white pony, put him wings and paint it with blue markings, to hug him X(
Sysirauta's avatar

Custom pony Zyreus. Aww, I should make that someday.
ArticWolfSpirit's avatar
this is so cute and adorable. i love it. super cute
Avadras's avatar
AWWWW:heart: So cute! :iconeeeeeplz:
miflore's avatar
OMG Zyreus is toooooooo cute <3
I want to hug him and play with (even if he doesn't want to xD)
Anabiyeni's avatar
The shading is really pretty.
demonic36's avatar
i know you have a ton of comments like this but HES SO CUUUTE
XXKitsunaXX's avatar
Aww, this is a very coute picture of Zyreus when he's a youngster! :heart: Yeah, your colouring pencil skills are amazing all the time. :+fav:
GoldFlareon's avatar
Amazing! 8D The way you drew it is awesome! Fantastic job. ^^

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