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Hold Your Head High

I assure you, this is completely normal behaviour. We're talking about Pride, c'mon.

Story time about the anatomy of some postcreated. First of all, it doesn't have anything to do with common laws of physics. Many of them are composed of separate parts, which just float in certain place, and form a creature. The higher class of a postcreated, the weirder it usually gets. They don't fall apart if parts are separated, and can build themselves back fast if something is detached accidentally. And yes, they can also do things like seen here.
Anyway, Pride. Pride may look more solid than it actually is. As you may have seen, it has its magnificent fluff collar thing. The truth is, the collar fluff is rather ethereal substance. It indeed exists, and feels a bit like chicken cape feathers if touched (side note: do not touch Pride), but can vanish into nothingness if Pride wants to. Under the collar is just a few separate vertebrae, which float in two separate sets (almost looks like there should be seventh one as well, right...? But that's another story). And yes, the head is not particularly attached into anywhere. Pride's head is indeed hollow kinda-lantern-like hollow metal cage. Pride's magenta essence just lights it up. Here the essence is retracted into ribcage, usually it just flows through the collar and into head.

¤ Pentel brush pen and opaque white.

This glorious freak character and postcreated creatures are my things.
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Imagine for a  moment.

Pride standing and.

Admiring its own head.

Mounted on the wall, like a trophy

Think of the possibilities
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It would be beautiful. |D And probably start to disturb even those ones who have managed to survive so far.
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For a moment I thought it was some kind of jewerly thing...
(ButthenagainIjustfoundoutyourartsoImaybequitethenoobhere TvT)

Quite the cool-looking creature nonetheless! :3
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Curious, and pretty weird even for a poscreated.

Now I wondering how it's the neck of Greed and Envy under their oily feathers/fire.
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Greed has almost-attached-together vertebrae. This was only seen very shortly in one sketch in the main ref. Envy instead doesn't have neck at all! Envy's head floats on the essence, usually keeping that about same distance to the body, and that creates impression of a neck.
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And this drawing is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing, BTW!!!! Clap Clap Clap Love Love Love Love Love :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. 
Dragonsfieryroar's avatar
Is it alright if I make a sculpture of your Sloth drawing for my 3D Studio Art class as long as I credit you as the original maker? Please? My art teacher said that it was an extremely interesting drawing and that if I had your consent I could make it into a sculpture!
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Yes sure, go ahead! I consider that fanart and fanart is always nice. I'd like to see what you created, can you show me it when it is finished? You can submit it to dA as well, so I can slap a fave on it.
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THANK YOU!!!! I'm gonna make it out of either clay or paper Mache (is that even how you spell it?!?!)
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I really love this. It would make a great tattoo design too!
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Put it back where it belongs, mister, or so help me D8<
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