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What could be better way to start a year but drawing my weirdoass character as something else----again.
So here is Pride!gryphon. Looks precisely as weird and ugly as he should. Pride is easy to convert to whatever, he has distinct colors and persona.
So, yea, enjoy. I don't know what I do with this.

¤ Liner, brush pen, copics, opaque white paint. Not taking responsibility of purposeful anatomical oddities, some unpurposeful errors, or the fact that my definition for "gryphon" is probably screwed up as much as average "dragon" in dA. :v
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...Okay nobody likes "this looks like"-comments, but you know what? As a gryphon, Pride brings Fayza to mind. He looks kinda like her even weirder cousin or something. Lovely, but weird, ya know?
What an extremely soft-looking tail poof!
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Don't worry duud I thought exactly same while sketching this. |D
Ja ylipäätään sillä on onneks ero että muistuttaako joku mun hahmo jotain ulkopuolista mistä en oo koskaan kuullukaan, vai jotain toista mun hahmoa, koska siinä vaiheessa kun niitä on se kolminumeroinen luku ni preferenssit näkyy väkisin. Multa vois osoittaa jonkun hahmon ja mä olisin vaan että kato näitä viittätoista muutakin joilla on joku sama ominaisuus. :v
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No joo, totta, aattelinkin ettei tää kommentti oo ihan niin kauhee, mut pitäähän se silti pedata!
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Those wing markings are somehow glorious. 
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I so approve of the new look - you ought be as proud as Pride itself about it. ^_^
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Ugly? But I think it looks pretty? really like the contrast of pink and dark colours, also these kinda pterodactyl-esque traits in beak and wing structure, slightly reminds me to sordesmon
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He, I guess I tend just call him "ugly" just to remind myself and everybody that he's not supposed look your-generic-handsome-creature at any case. |D Which just makes him better.
Also yesss, general pterodactyl face is admittedly pretty much my aesthetic. I should use it even more. :v
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Interressting wings :)
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He definitely needed leathery wings, yup.
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It's always fun to draw a character as something else. I think it's interesting translating them. Lovely job on Pride! It makes quite an imposing Gryphon that I wouldn't want to mess with!
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Yeah, some characters are pretty easy to play with. I seem to like iterate my sin creatures too much - they all have distinct color scheme and features, it is too fun!
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What a creeeep
But I like how you you translated the metal wings into biological ones by keeping the hollow parts as markings :v
(It's especially fun when you see the bottom part first and are like "OHHH COOL CREATURE THING!" and then scroll up to see that face and it's just like "wat?") The pose plays well to the body so that's an advantage for him here xp
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Whatisreplyingintime... :v
Cool creature thing smiles at you because he knows that he is still cool creature thing.
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