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The skies we built were torn apart.
The dance we danced was not for us.

A somethingsometing because I got random idea and then made it. It is a quite obvious-on-your-face -reference for a couple of characters of mine. Or something.
Or just a cool picture of a couple of stylized birds floating in interspaces.
Or something.

¤ Pentel brush pen, copics, gold and silver ink.


New  I have this available as prints. Please see here for more info. I ship worldwide (within possible current local limitations.) (This comment was added in 2021.)
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Ok, this is incredible. I LOVE this piece.

(I'm just gonna fav spam you now)

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Hienot yksityiskohdat, molemmissa linnuissa mutta etenkin mustan yksityiskohdat ja tyylit on mieleen. Siinä on jotain feenixin ja riinkinkukon yhdistelmää. :) Hyvä sommittelu ja flow myös kuvassa. :clap:
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(Pikkasen myöhäinen) kiitos! o/
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Ei mittää, itsekin olen usein aika myöhässä näissä. ^^; 
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Nice art! The black bird/peacock must belong to Alucard with all those eyesAlucard Bullet Hellsing - walker I see you hrrrr   
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You're very welcome❤️😊, how are you?.
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Very very beautiful nightmare birds. Your execution here is great, from the composition to the contrasting wing textures; naturally one hasn't a feather out of place, while the other looks like he just got back from some sleazy adventure haha. And while it didn't scan well, my favorite parts are the touches of silver and gold. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Silver Swan automaton!

At first glance my brain said "Chaos/Creator"! Was that intentional or just a coincidence? =D
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*pokes the comment* I never know what to do when I'm already replied some parts but I think I didn't say that actually Chaos/Creator -feeling was not intentional. :'v
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Why, this looks like an ancient myth from an asian country
this is so cool
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Your comment was so much in-between spambots and "hey click this" that it was so close to flag this as spam, but then, bots doesn't have as fine avatars.
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Never thought I'd see a peacock as an embodiment of darkness; it's usually a bird of prey, owl, or vulture stereotype. Then again, the multiple eyes on a peacock does invoke some chaotic madness. Awesome.
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An interesting perception, I have my own meaning to it but this was a fine view.
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Thanks, it's a very unique image.
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very nice, I like how the images complement each other.
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Run goose! THat's no Peakcock it's ALUCARD!
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Good morning friend, so wonderful!!!!!!. 
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Random "friend"s in comments are a bit confusing, but thanks for the art part.
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Beautiful design!
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