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Crown of Horns

Thaumerkee pencil portrait. :> ...something similar with this, I know...

...This looks better in real life. And I seriously have nothing interesting to tell. x| My apologies for Thaumerkee.

Pencils. Started somewhat half a year ago, finished a half an hour ago.
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Crystal-Firefly's avatar
This is a great idea. I like his antlers. Great job.
SnowHowl's avatar
this is absolutely inspiring work. there is no color, but the detail you put in with the shading and the complexity of the horns is simply amazing. marvelous work, i love it! :)
Sysirauta's avatar
Sometimes pencil is the best weapon of choice.
SkiAr7sy's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! I love it!
demonic36's avatar
love the detailing you managed to put into it
TeraMaster's avatar
Such cool detailed shading... really amazing.
zipmon's avatar
WOW! your art work is just amazing, fantastic, i really don't no how to describe it any more! i have used all the words made so far in this language!! you are so great when it comes to art!!! and i hope you think so too!!!!! :o but i wish i could draw as well as this! :raincloud: but i can't, hopefully i will get better and improve my work, just as you have!!
Cyantica's avatar
woa O.O great!
MonSieurPicoT's avatar
ahh reminds me of Eragon dragons but more Fantastic. great drawing
GoldFlareon's avatar
Wow...that took you a long time. xDDD Naw, it's really good! :D It's so detailed and pwetty. 0w0

Gomis's avatar
*syö sen sarvet*
Liawn's avatar
Looks nice and lethal
dehydromon's avatar
This is absolutely stunning, as usual! Keep up the excellent work!
mythe-evighet's avatar
:wow: this is amazing.
psychosomatic-itch's avatar
Beautiful, as usual!

Have you by any chance read the BONE series?
LilacTazukoIND's avatar
Wow, quite the crown of horns indeed! They do look quite magnificent if I do say so myself :D Lovely pencil work MoA! :clap:
nrgl10's avatar
wow it looks awsome :))
ghost-of-karelia's avatar
ooooo awesome :) i like how intricately detailed it is (Y)
Bork-im-a-dork's avatar
Oho! Todella hieno pääkuva. Sopisi vaikka kirjan kanteen paremmin kuin hyvin. :meow:
Letdragon's avatar
That is a very intricate crown design O_O
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