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They seem very silent and social creatures, but they are feared by many. Nobody knows better about them, they just look too strange to be anything good.

Pencil, colour pencils, aquarels, white ink.
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Lakrenix's avatar
They are perfects for not sleeping.

They seems to be the clasical creature that they are very sympa and cute when you are in front, but better for you that you never turn your back to them.
Videogamer42's avatar
they look like cry's
wolfofmidnight2000's avatar
-bangs my head on the screen- I CANT HUG IT!:nuu:
impenguin2's avatar
there so cute!!! i what one!
flarewolf98's avatar
awww there so cute, i want one. :D
Digimarth's avatar
Wow. I kinda wanna learn about them, but I'm too scared about what wll happen if I get to close, but then again I wanna hug them, but then again....too many variables!
iduck's avatar
They are very strange yet adorable at the same time :aww:
F1nland's avatar
Voi ku sulosii tappisilmiä :aww:
Lupus-Avis's avatar
I think they are cute! :heart:
Ozkumeti's avatar
Oh my god they're so cuute. I want one. I want two. No, ten. No, fifty! I'll feed them my own limbs if I have to!

Are they cuddly?
Sysirauta's avatar
You can take as many as you want but don't blame me if they eat your head while you're sleeping. I still don't know what they actually are.
Ozkumeti's avatar
Aww, well, that's ok, they're only babies. <3
Garmmon's avatar
Who cares about strange when they're this cute. :3 Cute things are always good. <3
Sysirauta's avatar
How's about "creepy" too. <_<
Garmmon's avatar
..At least they look cute. :3 Unlike cockroaches or something..
francisPapillon's avatar
Beautiful ! Love the contrast between the face and the body!
Gomis's avatar
Awwwwwww, randomeja naamattomia. 8''3
Awwww, so peaceful looking, they must be evil!
Kurokami-11's avatar
Awww...they're far too peaceful looking to be evil though! X3
Lovely picture~!
Dragonling140's avatar
They look cool. Nice and simple. :)
Therony's avatar
*gets into a staring contest with one* O.O
Sysirauta's avatar
You. WILL. Lose. This.
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