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Common creature species

EDIT somewhere in 2013:
This sheet is old and includes wrong information as well as bad designs and needs an update. Until then I have removed this description.
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I KNOW THIS IS OLD and very much outdated, but I just wanted to say that it is a good reference with some solid organization and styling. I'm super excited to see the new version, whenever that may be, side-by-side to this one. You've improved so much as a worldbuilder, writer, and artist-- hurrah for improvement!

(Also hurrah for old but still good! Ooooh it kills me. ;o;)

I'm... I'm tossing old art and references into my favourites, don't mind me!
Sysirauta's avatar
HOW. DARE. YOU. Betrayer!
True that some simple ref like this is necessary, just for faster overview if somebody is more easily afraid of bigger explanations. Easy to talk when now I have NEITHER. ... So thanks for reminding me; "MoA, have some focus on Enneanres again. And fix salkahi feet, those are still out of sense."
Ribbontail's avatar
Aye, true there! Simpler refs are really good for quick, at-a-glance introductions. The hard part is deciding what info is most important and relevant. I... I am COMPLETELY incapable of synopsizing my stuff like this. It's maddening. ó_ò
Kayleigh-Nieta's avatar
i can see myself being an Aridmander
Storm-Aurastar's avatar
Baby Salkahi looks like Baby Reshiram... Very cute :D
FoxGoddess44's avatar
Gloomy-Butt's avatar
the salkahi reminds me of an absol.
Anime-Freak-Girl's avatar
:omfg:OMG THESE ARE FRIGGEN AMAZING!:clap: I wish i can come up with creatures as amazing as these are!
SVBLE's avatar
Wow these are really cool.

the Gureta remind me of the creatures I draw.
MaryLeathert's avatar
Huomasin muuten kauniin kirjoitusvirheen tuolla kuvan sisällä. Guretojen (Miten taipuu?)jutussa kun selitetään "plantigrade" jne. siinä on tullut pari sanaa tuplina. "But when running but for example when running". Jotain tommosta. Kunhan huomautin.
namina0567's avatar
Absolutely amazing creatures, now if you wear to say I don't know make a creature similar to the Dragon, then You'll have me completely impressed, And my favorite one of these so far is the Dravene, Salkahi, and the Grueta... keep up the good work :D
Sysirauta's avatar
Not quitting so I think I keep it up...
T355a's avatar
I just LOVE the Salkahi!!

brushtail-thegreat's avatar
I should really do something like this if I was not a lazy hamster.
jrtracey's avatar
Awesome. Great design.
wow this is a truly amazing piece with loads of info, thanks for the cookie, out of all the races my personal fave is the Dravene, they look so cool, and i wish i could be one :)
Merlen's avatar
On ne kaaniita reffejä. jar jar. *luki tekstin mutta torjui keksit* juu tuli eilen syötyä vähän liikaa.
...emmää keksi mitä noista voi sanoa kun tuijotin niitä niin paljon jo aikasemmin...<.<
Sysirauta's avatar
*ollaan edelleen kiitollisia oikolukijasta ja tarjoaa ylijääneet keksit salkahipikkuiselle* Au! ...hyvät hampaat jo vauvana.
Therony's avatar
Cookie plz? Writer mentality makes me read. lol.
Nitari's avatar
Thx 4 da cookie ^w^ Great job!
Monktsm's avatar
Gah, this is beastly artwork, Mistress! Extremely creative creatures, right down to common and uncommon eyecolor! I loved the little babies, especially the Aromanteeri babies (Which are adorable :D)

If I were to pick a specific creature I would be, it would definitely be the Salkahi.
Gomis's avatar
Luin. |3
Ah, MoAn iloisessa maailmassa on kauniita asukkaita. |3 Jotenkin tuo kuvais aromantereista muistuttaa mua yleisesti fantasiatarinoiden kää;piöistä. Mjöö. Kommentoin tällaista kun en parempaa keksi.
Joillakuilla on niin eeppistä. =w=
Sysirauta's avatar
Mä en edes yritä kieltää ettenkö mä olisi juurikin kehitellyt jotain kääpiökorviketta tähän universumiin kun koko aromanterien laji sai alkunsa. |3 *tarjoaa ekstrakeksin huomiokyvystä*

Oli kovin eeppistä värittää näitä kovin monta tuntia... <_>
Gomis's avatar
Heart. :3 *syö virtuaalisia keksejä*
Se on jo ihan luonnollista jos monen kuvan värittämiseen menee monta tuntia. =w=
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