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How to drink coffee with this anatomy? Asking for a friend.

I needed a new profile picture and also I've needed more easy to draw alter ego thing for a while, so I got an idea of what if a capybara because those things are my favorite animals. Also black because I like black with accent red no matter how cliché it is, and that I personally don't really radiate whatever peaceful aura thing the actual capybaras has going on.
This is literally just a black capybara with red eyes (and thumbs). Winter accessories optional.

This is also a lot back to basics, a long time ago in 2001 or something I had my very first and very short lived alter ego thing that was just a black gryphon with red eyes. Some things haven't changed much.
Does this mean I have a fursona now?

¤ Liner, copics, gouache.
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Capybaras are awesome!! Great choice

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Their expression is also spot on. :thumbsup: