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Bone Angel Merkabah


He was born this bony smile on his face, in the place without time, beyond reality. His giant wings always take the attention and in all unpracticality they work well. This place doesn't care the laws of physics or biology. Here fly the angels.

Merkabah may not be tallest angel at all, but he has huge wings. He's the last resort angel, who doesn't let souls to give up and walk into light. He pushes them back to reality and pain - and to live. Some may remember "a short angel with giant wings and skinless face", but think that's just a mere delirium image when they were near to die.

His comrades-in-arms are Ciiri and Rafael.


... Background story needs a bit more art, after all he appeared just because I just wanted draw huge wings. >_> Anyways, let's tell his mother was Huldur, and father a common salkahi. ...
Hurrah for supernatural afterwordly things.

Liner, coloured pencils, a bit opaque white. On A3 paper and his wing span really extends from one side to the other side of paper. ... Me and my wing obsession causes strange things... |> Hurrah for Merkabah.
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Your feather drawings never cease to amaze me.
ikarus-exe's avatar
I really love this character's design! Such tasty shapes and tidbits to enjoy~ Very satisfying to look at.
glitchyfoxes's avatar
i have a love for wings so i may fav them just because there well drawn
K-Photos's avatar
I really like him =)
well done
Bork-im-a-dork's avatar
Oi vitsit... Muuten ihan perus kuva, sanoisin, mutta noi siivet on vaan mahtavat. ^^
Lovin' the detail on those wings.
Gomis's avatar
Awwwww, sen puku on kaunis. 8'3 Squiggleja.
Ja hemmo on muutenkin komee, diggaamme sen siipiä, tietty, ja pärstää. :3
...Nyt sun pitää piirtää Merkusta, Rafista ja Ciriistä joku VOIMAKOLMIKKO-kuva. Ja jah, Merkabah sai heti lempinimekseen Merkku.
Elokoin's avatar
You are the best when it comes to details!
Agrotera-Thanatos's avatar
That is an awesome picture. :iconepic-winplz:
Shaydesmar's avatar
woow, lovin' the wings!
WOW great job you must of worked hard on it
BroBro90's avatar
Love those feathery wings!! Very detailed!! O w O
Awesome job on it!
High-Guard's avatar
EPIC long wings are epic long and epic well done!

And the facial expression is very nice as well.
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